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Greece’s Kefalonia

London, United Kingdom Travel 16 Feb 2022

The restricting impact of Covid made me suddenly zealous for this large, expansive idyll of a Greek island which I visited three times to explore its entirety. It’s relatively unscathed by tourists, unlike neighbouring Corfu and Zante as the locals are healthily indifferent to the need for a McDonald’s. With a history comprising Lord Byron, WW2, Captain Mandolin and a 1953 earthquake it has a different vibe across its extremities as I dive off rocks in the north, stroll along the yellow sand of the south and sail past the red sand of the west. For me it’s about the poetry of the island with her honey and her olives, with the shepherds gathering their large, lazy flocks while the goats usurp the mountain passes. Lazy and lyrical it’s best in the autumn months of October and November when fabulously deserted but still assured of a sun that is penetrative though not sapping, with restaurants offering obliging and personal service and with a healthy choice of the best places to stay.
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