Zimbabwean Women Fighting All The Odds Of Covid-19 To Fend For Their Families

Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News April 28 @ 3:12pm

The Covid-19 pandemic and recent national lockdowns have added another layer of misery to Melisa Moyo already complex and dire situation as she thrives by all means to make a living through vending selling vegetables, second hand clothes and tomatoes.
’’ I now depend on vending to make a living and fend for my family. As you can see I am selling my goods by the side of this busiest road.
“I used to have a well-paying job working at mining firm but because of the economic hardships the country is going through we were retrenched in 2018. With the little amount of money from my retrenchment package, I had to venture into vending and my husband is unemployed. My shoulders are now carrying the headship of the family as I make sure school fees for the children is paid in time and rentals for our two roomed apartment.’’ Said Moyo

“Now, it is difficult to do business as police are always confiscating our wares. As you can see my two girls are with me here daily after school checking on police and help me carrying the goods when running away from the law enforcement officers.
‘’ Last year council demolished my stall and promised to place us on legitimized land but till now they are quite on that.” She said.

Majority of the women are carrying the load of headship as they are now breadwinners as most men will be in soccer betting clubs and at beer halls/pubs.

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