Trinidadian contemporary artists find recognition abroad but struggle at home

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Arts & Books March 31 @ 2:53am

Leading contemporary artists in Trinidad and Tobago whose work has been featured at major international biennales and art shows lament the continuing lack of appreciation for contemporary art in Trinidad and Tobago where, as one art gallery owner put it, the predilection is still very much for "pretty pictures". However, the contemporary art scene is growing in Trinidad and Tobago and more and more Trinidadians are taking an interest in non-representative art, as art shows, artist talks, and other forms of arts education are developing a more sophisticated and knowledgeable audience. However, leading members of that country's art world say that in Trinidad and Tobago, unlike the US or Europe, there are no major corporations or foundations backing contemporary art or artists and they continue to struggle on their own. Even the main university and the government are seen as demonstrating no interest in promoting contemporary art, whereas traditional representational art continues to attract major funding and buyers.

I have done the interviews for this story already and have access to leading contemporary artists in Trinidad and Tobago and to art gallery owners. I shall be happy to provide a draft of the story that I have done that can be amended to suit the wishes of a publication interested in this story. I can also provide pictures.
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