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Asylum, immigration, and integration in Finland

Helsingfors, Finland Politics, Current Affairs, Social April 11 @ 10:31am

As Europe continues to experience an influx of refugees from war-torn and other countries, Finland's asylum seeker application numbers are sinking after seeing the highest figures of all the Nordic Countries.

Peaceful demonstrations between locally-supported asylum seekers and pro-close Finland's borders have involved protesters feeling that unfair decisions have been made regarding their applications.

Some 11,000 appeal cases against these are currently in the court system, with officials defending their position regarding competency.

Long-form stories, which have a pan-Nordics interest, on the roughly three-day Finland trip include:

• The status quo of asylum applications
• Interviews with the relevant authorities responsible for policy (in Helsinki, and with the head of the asylum unit in Lappeenranta)
• Interviews with those responsible for implementing it/these (i.e. chiefly Helsinki-based municipal officials)
• Integration-based policies in Finnish schools
• A feature on visiting Helsinki (whilst there, if possible) – ties in with social progress, Finnish society in the capital

They are follow-ups to
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