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Cholera silently terrorising Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe Health & Fitness 22 Apr 2023

The arrival of the rainy season has resulted in an increase in cholera infections in Southern Africa, with Malawi and Mozambique being the most affected, accounting for 78% of all known cases.
With the horrific memories of the 2008–2009 pandemic, Zimbabwe is on high alert, discreetly grappling with the prospects of yet another disaster as the health system is jeopardized due to an exodus of trained workers seeking greener pastures. More than 400 instances had been reported as of April 15, 2023, with five suspected deaths.

To get more details, I intend to interview responsible authorities in the health sector (Perm Sec of the Ministry of Health and Child Care) and the most affected communities (in this case, Centenary).
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