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Goverment clean up of iconic Manila Bay continues despite opposition from various groups

Malolos, Philippines Current Affairs March 5 @ 11:08am

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the rehabilitation of the Manila Bay at the heels of a successful six months drive to clean up the resort island of Boracay in the country's central portion. Skeptics say that it can't be done, but the administration is dead set on performing its task even at the cost of closing the city zoo and a multitude of other businesses. Other groups are also opposing the move, which will necessitate the removal of thousands of squatter families who had considered the bay area as their home for generations. The clean up, which will take at least seven years to implement, will be a test of political will for the current administration and is also expected to bring new opportunities for the centuries-old city as Metro Manila modernises and adopt more environmentally-sustainable ways.
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