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Kuwait City: A Confluence of Amusements and Legacies

London, Britain Travel 08 Feb 2023

With its legacies that engulf visitors to its foundation in 1613, the smell of history is there soothing you with its first inhabitants who had to deal with the artistry of fishing and selling pearls. Sat at the city's modern boulevards is a time to unfold it's past legacies in linking major trade activities between Persians, East Africans, the Indians and Arabs. The prosperity it had in the 18th century also celebrates the congruence of creating an opportune atmosphere in times of turbulent situations. As haven places for merchants from Basra and others who were fleeing from the burdens of the Ottoman empire, Kuwait City, back then, allowed to be a hub of reputed sailors and boat makers.
With my smartphone for googling best restaurants in the city, I had to wait an Indian tourist guide at the gates of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre. My interest on past legacies of the country's pearl industry is still passionately driven. This open city's archives even give its witness that the country was, at its height, sending out upto 800 ships to meet the demands of pearls by the Europeans regularly.
In fact, strolling across the city's avenue is both rewarding and noteworthy. An open society that blends it's capital city with aroma of various culinaries trends, grasping visual and art performances, is another gluing experience. Its famous soap operas and dramas have been valuing the fast of Ramadan to its unique corner and has remarkable lines for interested film-makers. Reserving your sits for writing the congruences and differences that arise from past legacies and current realities has fully packaged means for visitors.
In this article, therefore, as part of the series articles on GCC countries, Kuwait City is explored for its magnetising realities and answers for major questions of what is meant to be an open garden for tourists who are seeking to pick what matters most.

Yosief Abraham Z.
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