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London, United Kingdom Cultural August 31 @ 9:44pm

Art or Macabre bejewelled Europe’s skeletons?

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- Four-hundred-year-old jewel encrusted skeletons unearthed across Europe and revered holy objects, the catacomb saints were once regarded by Catholics as local protectors and personifications of the afterlife’s glory.

- Lavishly decorated with gold and precious stones skeletons are ancient corpses exhumed from the catacombs of Rome, given fictitious names and sent abroad by the Vatican as relics of saints.

- Their macabre splendour represented what awaited the faithful in the afterlife. However, it’s impossible to know who they were in life. Despite being raised to the heights of glory, these skeletons could have been anyone as they were pulled out of the ground.

- Skeletal remains are believed to have belonged to the first three centuries following Christianity’s arrival ...
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