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Opposition leaders, 800 tractors and numerous fishing vessels in protest against Danish government - pressure mounts

København, Denmark Politics, Current Affairs, Natural Disasters, Health & Fitness, Medical, Breaking News November 21 @ 2:11pm

Opposition leaders, 800 tractors and numerous fishing vessels in protest against Danish government - pressure mounts

Today we saw what is the biggest protest among farmers in Denmark in recent years.

Because of the government’s breaking the Danish law in regards to the mink culling, farmers have driven from all parts of the country in long convoys to Copenhagen and the second biggest city Århus.

800 tractors were in Central Copenhagen in the protest and numerous fishing vessels sailed into Copenhagen harbor to protest as well.

You can see some video and pix here. Perhaps you can grab audio as well.

This is very unusual in Denmark. Farmers normally don’t take to the streets in protest, but this scandal has angered people in a way not seen in a long time. The fact that the government clearly broke the Danish law and constitution – as did the police when carrying out the order to cull – has p***** off a lot of Danes. This led to the resignation of the Agricultural minister earlier this week.

And now a united opposition is demanding an independent investigation into whether or not the PM knew the order was illegal. She says no, but many don’t believe her. So the scandal keeps developing here.

Many politicians outside the government took part in the protest. Former PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen who lost his office last year in December was one of them. At the demonstration he said that the opposition had given the PM a LOT of freedom to act and supported her during Covid, but that she now has crossed a line.

The former leader of Danish Peoples Party, now vice chair and former chair of parliament Pia Kjærsgaard and leader of right wing party Nye Borgerlige Pernille Vermund (who I did a documentary for Danish Broadcasting corp on last year) also did.

It seems the opposition is not going to let up and let the PM off the hook as easy as she would like. The opposition has also refused to sign off on the prolonging of restrictions on Corona that run out tomorrow. They are furious with the government as it seems like there has been no negotiations. According to several opposition MP’s they were given an ultimatum: Sign off on our legislation or not – there is to be no negotiations on the measures was the message from government according to MP’s.
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