Andréa Magalhães
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Brazilians discover Portugal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Affairs July 3 @ 8:04pm

Brazil's economic crisis deepens two serious problems in the country: unemployment and lack of professional perspectives, even for qualified and experienced people. In this scenery, many Brazilians have been moving to Portugal searching for better opportunities. The objective of this report is to show how this opposite path to history (in 1500, Portugal discovered Brazil; nowadays, Brazil discovers Portugal) happens; the main difficulties as well as the easiest aspects. What kind of country do Brazilians meet when they arrive there? How is life there? Where do they work? What are the job opportunities? There is also another important issue to talk about: many Brazilians have been conquering their Portuguese citizenship by buying a house or an apartment in the European country. My idea is to interview some Brazilians who have already done this "journey", people who will go in a near future, and the ones who are still thinking about it. And also to listen to Portuguese brokers, real estate businessmen, economists, sociologists, and psychologists. I will talk about the present moment and also write about future sceneries.
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