Journalist who broke today´s biggest story involving Prince Andrew sex scandal mysteriously phased out

Bahia, Brazil Breaking News January 3 @ 8:59pm

February,2011,she was a top notch globetrotting correspondent for a big British Sunday tab and broke a story about 17-year-old Virginia Robrerts who revealed to her that she was the mysterious Jane Doe employed by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.A photo revealed a favorite customer of hers was no one other than Prince Andrew.Eleven years later when the Prince is fighting for his life not to go to jail and the Virginia,now 29,has again hit the headlines in the world media, our top notch Brit journalist no longer works for the news vehicle where she broke the big story.No one will ever say there were pressures to get rid of her but not too long after Ms. X reported the story ,her globetrotting for the top tabloid suddenly ended.
Colleagues still call her a great reporter and claim her dismissal had nothing do with breaking a story which was inconvenient for the powerful Royal family. Or was it?
In any case Reporter X still has more details to tell.
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