Analyzing Buhari’s Remark that Nigerian Youths are Lazy

Uyo, Nigeria Politics May 31 @ 10:38pm

Defending President Muhammadu Buhari’s remark that Nigerian youths are lazy is like putting icing on cow dung. It may look nice on the outside, but the odour would still be there. In this case the nauseating odour stinks to high heavens.

The unfortunate remark ran foul of a key theory of communication. Harold Laswell’s theory of “Who says What? In which Channel? To Whom? With What Effect?” Laswell stated that “Who?” refers to the communicator and control analysis.

“Says what?” refers to content analysis. “In which channel?” refers to media analysis. “To whom?” refers to audience analysis. “With what effect?” refers to effect analysis. In the instant case: “Who?” The President of Nigeria.

“Said what?” Nigerian youths are lazy. “In which channel?” The global media. “To whom?” The whole world. “With what effect?” The world should beware of Nigerian youths because they are lazy (reluctant to exert themselves; averse to work; sluggish). The Commonwealth forum in London where Buhari made this shocking and lazy remark was not a religious or moral readjustment programme.
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