Godfrey Sigwela
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Commercial activities may reduce school violence in South Africa

Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs June 12 @ 8:13am

What if the pupils under the Basic Education Department in South Africa regard their current school syllabus as not appealing to their needs? As a result they resorted on trying something new and at this juncture it appears that the pupils end up making a wrong choice. That is violence and horrific incidents at schools. Among the list of the serious incidents are the stabbings and killing fellow schoolmates. As well as their teachers end up shot and killed during school hours. The desire for a new added curriculum could be influenced by their desire to become successful just like their celebrities whom some are very close to their ages? As a result their ambitions influence their hunger to get money and end up trapped in doing wrong things. What about introducing commercial school activities like dance, stage plays, radio and TV advertising competitions? Obviously these activities would get them closer to their ambitions and their celebrities could be invited to mentor them.
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