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Far Right Candidate burning Qurans publicly polled to get into Danish parliament

København, Denmark Politics, Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social, Breaking News May 3 @ 10:09pm

The far-right candidate Rasmus Paludan has surged lately. To run for Parliament, you need around 21000 people’s signature that you should be able to stand. He had 5000 about three weeks ago but that number has since sky rocketed and now, he has the required amount and will run. The latest polls put him on 3,9 percent – which is enough as the threshold is 2 percent in Denmark.

Paludan is a lawyer, provocateur and fierce anti Muslim and has spent the past six months touring Denmark with demonstrations and events where he has burned the Quran, stomped on it and thrown with it. He wants all Muslims to leave Denmark. His party program says around half a million people – which is nearly 10 percent of the population – should be deported. Until that happens, he proposes an Apartheid regime where Muslims should not be allowed a number of things.

His policies involve
- Deporting all non-westerners that has obtained asylum in Denmark.
- Muslims will not be allowed to hold a number of jobs.
- Muslims will not be allowed to take long educations.
- It will be banned to be an openly practicing Muslim – it will not be allowed to celebrate the Ramadan publicly.
- Denmark to leave all international agreements that regulates immigration.

Paludan was a fringe figure until recently. But he has stepped up demonstrations where he burns the Quaran. This led to massive riots in parts of Copenhagen just before Easter.

Riots were done by a mix of extreme left and people of Muslim decent. There is photo documentation one rioter wearing an ISIS-jumper.

These riots have boosted Paludan's popularity and made him a player. Had they not happened he is unlikely to have reached the signatures needed to run.

He is under protection from the intelligence services and the minister for Justice yesterday said there was a severe threat to his life. He is Denmark’s version of Theo Van Gogh who ended up murdered.

Denmark is holding its breath and worries about another cartoon crisis is often mentioned.

Another party on the right of the Danish People’s Party – Nye Borgerlige – gets more than 6 percent in latest polls so together these new parties are on 10 percent.

While Nye Borgerlige is a mix of libertarianism, strong conservative values and strong opposition against Islamic influence Rasmus Paludan and his party “Stram Kurs” is of another world.

I have covered the far right in Denmark and Europe for more than ten years for Danish Broadcasting Corp, BBC, Radio New Zealand, PRI and others. I have met and interviewed Paludan many times. I am also doing a TV documentary on Nye Borgerlige for Danish TV.
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