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Harold EMERT

Born raised and educated in nyc where I first began to work for ny Daily Mirror and Herald Tribune as a copy boy and as a cub reporter for the Ithaca jornal. Worked in SAfrica, Israel, Germany and since 1973 Brazil.
Have had the pleasure to work as an aide to the greatest tab journalists from the UK including Dave Williams, Sharon Churcher, Barry Wigmore and Paul Henderson covering biggest Brazilian- based stories including Josef Mengele´s bones in Sao Paulo,the aftermath of the Jean Charles Menezes murder on the London Underground,Mick Jagger´s Brazilian model girlfriend Luciana Morad and theiro Brazilian love son Lucas,plane crashes and a Greenpeace Brit murdered in the Amazon,wine festivals in southern Brazil ,and the World Cup as well as the OLympics..Have written and and worked for Daily Mail,Mail on Sunday,the Sun,Sunday Times,Daily and Sunday Mirror ,Daily Record as well NYPost, Daily News, USA Today ...Have covered stories all over Brazil including the successful search for the father of Carla Bruni in Sao Paulo and most recently the James White arrest in Fortaleza,nothern Brazil. Speak and write Portuguese,married to Carioca.



  • The most important voyage in my life

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Social September 30 @ 12:00am

    The Most Important Voyage of MY Lifetime By Harold Emert I write after returning from the most important voyage of my life: a five-day visit to the nearby mountainside city of Teresopolis after a confinement due to Covid of 17 months in my Copacabana apartment. The trip-- which... Read more

  • Brazil´s Prez Boizo repeating Trump?

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Breaking News October 31 @ 12:00am

    Brazil and Bozo repeating the USA and Trump? Brazil seems to be repeating-- only in Portuguese and in its unique variation—the epoch of the rise and downfall of ex-President Donald Trump. Only the name is a former army captain who military men said, “ was a bad, disobedient and offensive... Read more

  • Recalling a New York governor who was brought down by a Brazilian callgal

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Politics September 30 @ 12:00am

    New York Governor´s Andrew Cuomo has resigned amidst sexual scandals but he is not the first governor of New York to fall due to a sex scandal. The reporter recalls the case of Andreia Schwartz,Brazilian callgal who made a fortune in New York serving the political world. Read more

  • Protester against mandatory vaccinations displays Swastike

    São Paulo, Brazil Breaking News September 30 @ 12:00am

    lo-- A graduate student in Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in the capital of São Paulo revolted his colleagues in the 10th semester of the course when he accessed a remote class using the image of a Nazi swastika formed by syringes last Wednesday... The incident occurred during the... Read more

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