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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Wies Ubags

Wies Ubags is a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She mainly writes for newspapers and magazins in her home country The Netherlands, but also publishes in English.
Topics she knows a lot about: Colombia's conflict and peace processes with leftist guerrillas and rightist paramilitaries, Venezuela's political and economic crisis and Brazil's political and economic crisis.
Other topics: black consciousness. Wies did a crowdfunding project 'Black Power in Rio' in the Netherlands (https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/5056-black-power-in-rio-1) and women in Latin America. 
Wies is also available for radio interviews and for fixer work for audiovisual media.



First article in the series Black Power in Rio, about slavery in Brazil, published on May 23rd 2017


This institute in the Netherlands researches and publishes about sports. Their latest publication will be a book about the Olympics in Rio, 2016. I wrote the chapter about politics and economy in Brazil. The book will be published this summer.


This is an article in English about the increasing influence of evangelical churches in Brazil. I wrote it for the English website Contributoria, related to the Guardian, that stopped its activities shortly afterwards, unfortunately. I wrote three articles for Contributoria in 2015.


This is the second article in the series Black Power in Rio. The first one is also in this list of written work.

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