Max Takhar
Beyond the Headlines: A Foreigner's Exploration of Sanctioned Russia

Kaliningrad, Russia • Travel

Join me on an extraordinary journey across sanctioned Russia as seen through the eyes of an inquisitive traveller. In this gripping story, I will be on the ground a bold journalist who challenges conventional thinking to find the unseen stories and hidden realities of a nation under intense Read moresanctions.

Amid geopolitical tensions and international sanctions, Max Takhar takes us on a thrilling trip beyond the headlines, immersing us in the complex tapestry of Russian culture, history, and daily life. From the busy streets of Sochi to the lonely villages of Kaliningrad, every interaction and experience gives a peek into the intricacies of a country at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Through frank interviews with locals, accidental encounters with fellow travellers, and personal musings, Max Takhar creates a vivid portrayal of the Russian people's tenacity, hospitality, and enduring spirit. Despite the difficulties and assumptions, our protagonist experiences moments of true connection and surprising beauty, challenging stereotypes and broadening our knowledge of this mysterious nation.
Ecuadorians prepare for popular consultation. and referendum in Ecuador.

Quito, Ecuador • Politics

Ecuador will go to the polls on April 21 to decide on 11 questions regarding safety, labor, and international arbitration. In a climate of insecurity, Daniel Noboa hopes that Ecuadorians will support his consultation to confront organized crime. What is the environment that surrounds the popular Read moreconsultation and referendum, here I tell you below. 

Nokuthaba Dlamini
How climate induced droughts are decimating Zimbabwe’ s wildlife, human population

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe • Science & Environment

With hot and dry El Nino weather, Zimbabwe’ s Wildlife Management Authority says from October last year until this year’s first quarter, over 160 elephants have been found dead, countless number of buffaloes and other small species, mostly in the Hwange National Park due to water scarcity and loss Read moreof vegetation. 

On the other hand, human wildlife conflicts have also been on the rise with animals such as the baboons straying from their sanctuaries into homesteads in search for food using violent tactics of uprooting roofs and smashing windows in order to gain entry into premises as elephants also dominate the communities water points and also vandalizing crops. 

The story seeks to shed a light about these day to day issues in the communities talking to the traditional leaders such at the chiefs, conservationists, environmental lawyers, community members and other stakeholders including the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority on how such conflicts and droughts have impacted their ability to conserve together with possible solutions to mitigate them.
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