• Zimbabwean Women Fighting All The Odds Of Covid-19 To Fend For Their Families

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 14 May 2021

    The Covid-19 pandemic and recent national lockdowns have added another layer of misery to Melisa Moyo already complex and dire situation as she thrives by all means to make a living through vending selling vegetables, second hand clothes and tomatoes. ’’ I now depend on vending to make a living and... Read more

  • The Engine To Revive Zimbabwe Is In Its Youth.

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Breaking News 15 May 2021

    Transparency is the cornerstone in nation-building. Many Life solutions are practical not intellectual but to adhere to the Constitution which gives room for youth to partake in nation building. Zimbabwe is home to avalanche of mineral resources but the greatest resource the country greatest... Read more

  • The last communist in Libya

    Tripoli, Libya Politics 15 May 2021

    The last communist in Libya Proposed title The only communist roaming the streets of Libya without an answer News portal One person roams the streets of Libya, telling people what they are not aware of, as if he was coming to them from Russia during the reign of Lenin and Stalin. Summary of... Read more

  • Years of waiting for compensation for those affected by the war

    Tripoli, Libya Politics, War Reporter, Risk Analysis 15 May 2021

    Years of waiting for compensation for those affected by the war News portal Thousands of citizens are waiting for the reconstruction of their homes and farms due to the wars that are chasing them in Tripoli, and some of them are waiting for it, nothing gets anything. Summary of death The... Read more

  • Workers face the risk of being discarded, despite the popularity of their products

    Tripoli, Libya Natural Disasters, Investigative Reporting, Risk Analysis, Cultural 15 May 2021

    Workers face the risk of being discarded, despite the popularity of their products. News portal Libyans wear traditional dress for religious and social occasions, and the makers of this costume have been making it by hand for centuries, but the introduction of the machine into the industry has... Read more

  • Colombia, Bogota

    Mississauga, Canada Politics 15 May 2021 Mercredi 5 mai, 2021 De Bogota, alors que les manifestants descendent dans la rue au milieu d'une grève nationale déclenchée par les plus grands syndicats du pays après cinq jours de manifestations contre un projet de loi qui a fait 19 morts et des centaines de blessés. La... Read more

  • George Floyd / Derek Chauvin trial verdict - Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, United States of America Breaking News 31 May 2021

    The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, currently going on in Minneapolis, is expected sometime around the end of April / beginning of May and it will be huge; the shocking death of a Black man under a white policeman's knee, caught on cellphone video, triggered world-wide demonstrations, left... Read more

  • OTAN Steadfast Defender 2021

    Mississauga, Canada Politics 31 May 2021

    Mai 6 (UPI)- Le secrétaire général de l'OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg a déclaré que plus de 20 alliés et partenaires de l'OTAN d'Amérique du Nord et d'Europe participeront à l'exercice de l'OTAN Steadfast Defender 2021, qui débutera ce mois-ci, a annoncé jeudi l'alliance. "L'exercice Steadfast Defender... Read more

  • Un segment de fusée chinoise plonge sur Terre et s’écrase près des Maldives

    Mississauga, Canada Risk Analysis 31 May 2021

    Les responsables à Pékin avaient déclaré qu’il y avait peu de risque de la chute libre de la fusée Long March-5B, qui avait lancé le premier module de la nouvelle station spatiale chinoise sur orbite terrestre le 29 avril. Pékin: Un grand segment d’une fusée chinoise est rentré dans l’atmosphère... Read more

  • جزء صاروخي صيني يغرق في الأرض ويحطم بالقرب من ملديف

    Mississauga, Canada Risk Analysis 31 May 2021

    قال مسؤولون في بيجين إن خطر تحطم صاروخ لونغ March-5B قليل ،وكان الصاروخ قد أطلق كأول وحدة من المحطة الفضائية الصينية الجديدة إلى مدار حول الأرض في 29 نيسان/أبريل. بكين: دخل جزء كبير من صاروخ صيني الغلاف الجوي للأرض وتفكك فوق المحيط الهندي يوم الأحد ، قالت وكالة الفضاء الصينية ، في أعقاب... Read more

  • Black resistance to the vaccine in America

    Chicago, United States of America Current Affairs 01 Jun 2021

    Louis Farrakhan, head of Chicago-based Nation of Islam, is calling the newly-produced COVID vaccine "toxic waste". Polls show Black Americans are much more hesitant to take it -- and concern is understandable: the notorious "Tuskegee Experiment", which ran from 1932 to 1972, still looms large for... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Farm-fresh to go: Roadside self-serve huts help Bavarian farmers and consumers get through COVID

    Munich, Germany Business 30 Jun 2021

    Who wants to go to a supermarket when you can buy fresh from a farm, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week while benefiting the local economy and the environment? First the Eierhäusl and Millihäusl (“egg huts” and “milk huts,” in down-home Bavarian dialect) − standing temptingly at roadsides and... Read more

  • Photo of Fernando Mahía Vilas
    Fernando Mahía Vilas
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    Bidasoa's round trip to glory

    Irun, Spain Sports 30 Jun 2021

    In 1995, Elgorriaga Bidasoa became European handball champion. There it was, a team from the Spanish tiny city of Irún -60,000 people, right in the border with France- overcoming any continental powerhouse. It was not only a sports story, but the tale of a booming Spanish economy, which allowed its... Read more

  • Cheetah Days and Cougar Nights

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cultural 30 Jun 2021

    I‘ve written a story about a Russian couple who have both a cougar and cheetah in their home. Both are now domesticated and both are now social media stars, with two million subscribers. The duo, named Messi and Gerda, are now seen daily in every country in the world. I conducted an interview with... Read more

  • Photo of Claude Djaquis
    Claude Djaquis
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    Ivory Coast 2020 - Only one man can "lie down with the crocodiles of yamoussoukro".

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs 22 Jul 2021

    Ivory Coast 2020 - Only one man can "lie down with the crocodiles of Yamoussoukro". Nine years ago , battle-hardened "Forces Nouvelles" soldiers led by Guillaume Soro, a former student union leader turned rebel front man, crossed the decade-old French army buffer zone separating North and South... Read more

  • Backward people ।। Covid-19 and small ethnic groups in Bangladesh

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Social 31 Jul 2021

    When the global crisis epidemic coronavirus hit Bangladesh in late March last year, At that time, we had to worry about its impact on small ethnic groups. This is because these groups have been fighting for their socio-economic, political and cultural rights for a long time. Bangladesh is home... Read more

  • Covid-19 doubles burden for families with nodding syndrome in Northern Uganda

    Lira, Uganda Social 31 Jul 2021

    COVID-19 doubles the pain of children suffering from Nodding disease syndrome In the districts of Oyam and Lira in Lango Sub-region, several children have fallen ill with a fatal, incurable disease known as nodding disease. The communities continue to panic and some people are losing hope while... Read more

  • Photo of Imen Blioua / Imen Bliwa
    Imen Blioua / Imen Bliwa
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    Paralympic Champions, challenges and success stories of heros who made it against all odds

    Tunis, Tunisia Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Sports, Health & Fitness, Paranormal, Investigative Reporting, Research, Social, Cultural 01 Aug 2021

    Paralympic Champions, the one you might feel sorry for and think you are lucky you are not like them. Just to discover they made it against all odds, World Champions who made it nationally and internationally are willing to tell their secret recipes of success and how they challenge all prejudges... Read more

  • Gift of the Givers turns 28

    Cape Town, South Africa Current Affairs 06 Aug 2021

    African disaster relief organisation Gift of the Givers celebrates its 28th anniversary. To date, its delivered more than 3 billion South African rand, or nearly 200 million US dollars of aid, to 44 countries. Founder, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman says he was instructed to start the organisation by a Sufi... Read more


    Yaounde, Cameroon War Reporter 17 Aug 2021

    THE story seeks to reveal what appears to be a renewed tension between Morocco and the Polisario in neighbouring Mauritania Read more

  • COVID-19 doubles pain of children suffering from Nodding disease syndrome

    Lira, Uganda Current Affairs 31 Aug 2021

    In the districts of Oyam and Lira in Lango Sub-region, several children have fallen ill with a fatal, incurable disease known as nodding disease. The communities continue to panic and some people are losing hope while they watch their beloved children die helplessly. Nodding syndrome (NS) is a... Read more

  • Photo of Wasim Shahzad Qadri
    Wasim Shahzad Qadri
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    Character-Driven Story: Iron-leady takes care of the caretakers in Pakistan

    Pakistan Current Affairs 31 Aug 2021

    With hospitals overwhelmed and a sharp rise in the number of deaths, Pakistan's delicate health system is bracing for an imminent peak of corona-virus cases. More than 10,000 front-line healthcare workers have tested positive and thousands others are under mental stressed. A Iron-lady named XXXX... Read more

  • Once the fashion statement of Begums the 'Bhopali Batua' struggles to stay alive

    Bayeux, France Cultural 30 Sep 2021

    Once a fashion statement, to carry a matchig 'batua' (strng-pouch) with gold and silver-wire 'zardozi' embroidery, the Bhopali batua ruled the fashion world as every woman aspired to carry one beautiful pouch in which she'd keep her tobacco, slaked lime and money, along with a silver toothpick to... Read more

  • Photo of andreas rossbach
    andreas rossbach
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    2021 German federal election

    Berlin, Germany Politics 01 Oct 2021

    On September 26, Germans head to the polls in a parliamentary vote that will determine the chancellor to succed Angela Merkel. This year’s election could catapult the Greens to power – but it may not be enough to bring about the reforms Germany needs Read more

  • Photo of Ivan Canabrava e Souza
    Ivan Canabrava e Souza
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    Avaliable for riots in South America, Brics in Brasilia and oil spil on the brasilian cost

    Brasília, Brazil Breaking News 19 Oct 2021

    Cameraman, drone, Ronin, underwater Avaliable in brasilia. Wathsaap +5561999881827 Read more

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