• Photo of Nesta Guile Yamgoto
    Nesta Guile Yamgoto
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    Bras de fer entre le Tchad et les Etats-Unis

    N'Djamena, Chad Current Affairs 18 Jun 2019

    Discorde entre le Tchad et les Etats-Unis. Dans un communiqué, l’ambassade des Etats-Unis au Tchad a invité le gouvernement tchadien à veiller au « plein respect du droit des citoyens de se rassembler paisiblement, même lorsque le but du rassemblement est de critiquer le régime et d’inciter à voter... Read more

  • Photo of Maria Urduja Osit-Li
    Maria Urduja Osit-Li
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    Monsour Del Rosario Continues to Serve Constituents in Makati Amid a Perceived Demolition Job from Political Opponents

    Manila, Philippines Politics 20 Jun 2019

    Manila, Philippines- Amid the Demolition Job that His opponents are perceived to be doing, Congressman Monsour del Rosario continues to serve his constituents doing his rounds twice to three times a week at the first district of Makati, attending to the needs of residents specially the elderly. Abby... Read more

  • Photo of Jose Sebastiao
    Jose Sebastiao
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    AFCON 2019: Angolan Federation and players reach agreement

    Luanda, Angola Sports 24 Jun 2019

    The Angolan Football Federation and national team athletes came to the understanding on Tuesday (11 June), after the work stoppage yesterday, due to the failure of the federative body to comply with the daily rates. This Tuesday, the group returned to train and were given by the FAF, all the... Read more

  • Photo of Allison Fernandes
    Allison Fernandes
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    L'Ecole des Sables, the school of contemporary dance of Senegal is in danger

    Dakar, Senegal Cultural 28 Jun 2019

    For twenty years, L'Ecole des sables in Toubab Dialaw - founded by Germaine Accogny, who is called the "mother of African contemporary dance" - has organized professional training workshops gathering dancers and choreographers from Africa, the African diaspora and all over the world. More than 500... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    Women to climb Mount Kilimanjaro looking for the sanitary towels in Africa

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Breaking News 30 Jun 2019

    By GODFREY SIGWELA PRICE of sanitary towels still not affordable to many women in Africa. Even though there are many brands competing for the market space. As a result women set to take an adventurous journey and climb the Mount Kilimanjaro in search for sanitary towels in Africa. The... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    Girls sanitary towels freedom far from them unless their mothers climb the mountain

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Breaking News 30 Jun 2019

    Scarcity of sanitary towels for girls forced moms to embark on a risky expedition in Africa to search for sanitary towels on top of the Mount Kilimanjaro. This adventure is for the Trek4Mandela set for 9th August on Women's Day. It is also supported by the Thuli Madonsela Women's Day Executive... Read more

  • Photo of Johan Verheyden
    Johan Verheyden
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    Tunisia... still a lot happening

    Tunis, Tunisia Politics, Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    Things are still happening in Tunisia... From UN observers detained on espionage charges and then released to the Cup of African Nations... Upcoming elections and new political parties... Inflation nobody speaks about and increasing poverty... End of Ramadan and Eid-el-Fitr Tunisia... where... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    South African youth sink in doldrums

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    South African youth likely to have learnt less from their pioneers of freedom fighters who paved hard in order for them to enjoy the democracy today. Some of them are only enjoying the life of confusion in which they are on deep drug abuse. Dagga and Mandrax became the first option when they seek... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    South African police and the youth in dagga tug-of-war

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    Caption: Dagga and Mandrax tablets confiscated by the police allegedly from the youth in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Photo supplied by the SAPS By GODFREY SIGWELA SOUTH African police still regard as an offence to trade with dagga within the shores of this country. Even though the green leaf... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    Rush to accumulate wealth robbed the poor in South Africa

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    Promises of creating dozens of jobs start to haunt the South African government. At stake now is to determine the kind of relationship the South African Reserve Bank has as regard to creating jobs. What about introducing a new loan banking system that allow the banks to keep the portion of the money... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    New loan banking system could yield dozens of jobs instead of confrontation

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    By GODFREY SIGWELA THERE is an urgent need to rush and cover the gap opened by the shrinking economy in South Africa. The debate about the relationship between the South African Reserve Bank and job creation, could be another way to close it. This time the government of the day and the ruling... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    Commercial activities may reduce school violence in South Africa

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    What if the pupils under the Basic Education Department in South Africa regard their current school syllabus as not appealing to their needs? As a result they resorted on trying something new and at this juncture it appears that the pupils end up making a wrong choice. That is violence and horrific... Read more

  • Photo of Godfrey Sigwela
    Godfrey Sigwela
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    New trick to prevent bloodbath at schools in South Africa

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa Current Affairs 30 Jun 2019

    Caption: Is it enough to put long secured fences to prevent school violonce in South Africa? Photo by Godfrey Sigwela By GODFREY SIGWELA ONE wonders what happened to that school pupil used to dress up in shining black shoes, grey trousers, white shirt and a black blazer. This used to be a... Read more

  • Photo of Jacqueline Adebija
    Jacqueline Adebija
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    Because You Refuse To See Me

    Kaduna, Nigeria Medical, Cultural 30 Jun 2019

    Currently, it is estimated that about 2.5 million children under the age of five have severe acute malnutrition in Nigeria and 90% of these cases are in Northern Nigeria. About 1.6 million of those malnourished children, call Kaduna state home. 20% of them will die before help comes. This, for me... Read more

  • What is entrepreneur, so never give up?

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Technology 08 Jul 2019

    Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit. However, as a basic entrepreneurship definition, it's a bit limiting. The more modern entrepreneurship definition is also about transforming the world by solving big problems. Like... Read more

  • Mauritius and Rwanda top the countries with freest economies in Africa

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Breaking News 10 Jul 2019

    The African Countries Ranked by Economic (Freest Economies). Mauritius is proving to be the best destiny in Africa to do business as it topping the list and is Africa's most developed country. They say, It will become the first developed country in Africa by 2022. It is Africa's best governed... Read more

  • A pan african is seeking assistance of airfare to attend 2019The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Current Affairs, Technology, Media Training, Investigative Reporting, Social, Cultural, Breaking News, Travel 11 Jul 2019

    INVITATION: AFRICA JOURNALISTS FOR ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITYTRAINING (AJEOT) - 2019The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), a free-market public policy think tank, is hosting the 2019 Africa Journalist for Economic Opportunity Training that will be taking place at the Summit Lodge –... Read more

  • Photo of Melissa Chemam
    Melissa Chemam
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    Refugees in the UK: Safe haven or hard journey?

    London, United Kingdom/Bristol Current Affairs 31 Jul 2019

    Hello, I'm writing a piece on refugee rights in the UK, quoting stories of people who have managed to safely settle here, and break the stereotype around the idea that European has had to receive so many refugees since 2015 that went through a "crisis". I've worked in many other countries... Read more

  • Social and Political crisis in Venezuela

    Caracas, Venezuela Investigative Reporting 06 Aug 2019

    The political crisis in Venezuela has intensified since Juan Guaido proclaimed himself acting president, but what happens next depends on the United States and the Venezuelan military. In a country that has economically collapsed, with inflation forecast to hit a breathtaking 10 million per cent... Read more

  • China in the Mekong Region.

    Bangkok, Thailand Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Research, Social 10 Aug 2019

    We hear much about the River Mekong, its rapid economic development and precarious position environmentally, but what about the surrounding land that feeds it? A new report ‘State of Land in the Mekong Region,’ published by the University of Bern’s ‘Centre of Environment and Development’ and a... Read more

  • Photo of Yuri Litvinenko
    Yuri Litvinenko
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    Russia’s Digital Switchover Hurts Local TV News and State-Wide Propaganda

    Kirov, Russia Business, Current Affairs, Social 09 Sep 2019

    This year, Russia deprecated its analog TV broadcast. The switchover affected people who rely on TV the most: seniors, people living in remote locations, conscript soldiers, and inmates. And while state-controlled channels spread disinformation on a national scale, local stations, doing their best... Read more

  • Canada's cannabis legalisation

    Toronto, Canada Business, Current Affairs, Cultural, Breaking News 01 Oct 2019

    Cannabis will become officially legal in Canada on October 17. If you're interested in or require coverage - from business pieces to tourism to women entrepreneurs - please get in touch as I have a number of stories I can write for you. Read more

  • Perception is everything

    Barcelona, Spain Investigative Reporting 09 Oct 2019

    Video report: Matteo Salvini, italian Ligue's leader wants to become the kingmaker both in Italy and in Europe. Marine le Pen won the european elections in France. But are they really so powerfull and beloved? He is the most active italian politician on the net thanks to a software called "the... Read more

  • Cry for me, Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina Current Affairs 25 Nov 2019

    Presidential elections in Argentina, we are a multilingual onsite crew and we offer plenty of VIDEO side stories. First leg october 27, second (probably) 24 of november. Read more

  • Photo of steve lefophana
    steve lefophana
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    Amabherete makes a sudden come back

    Johannesburg South, South Africa Politics 01 Dec 2019

    Known for their brutal approach, heavy amination and bullet proofs embodied in them, the notorious Police tactical response team normally known as Amabherete have made a sudden come back after few years of disappearance. In a Press conference Police Minister Fikile Mbalula “South Africa has been... Read more

  • Freelance Journalist

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Current Affairs, Breaking News 01 Dec 2019

    Enos Denhere is a freelance journalist based in Bulawayo and Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a prolific writer with more than 7 years of experience in the creative writing industry, writing in print and online media. He has more than two hundred online articles, links and news pages currently he published... Read more

  • African Countries Adopt Rwanda 2020 vision

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Current Affairs, Cultural, Breaking News 11 Dec 2019

    The Rwanda 2020 vision proved to the whole world whatever is lacking, we have means to acquire it not to depend on international aid. The main message is that we should not remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance. The 2020 Vision is a game changer in... Read more

  • Global Climate Fund a major breakthrough For Green Projects In Zimbabwe

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters 24 Dec 2019

    Global Climate Fund a major breakthrough For Green Projects In Zimbabwe Long-term changes in the earth’s climate system have been significant and are occurring more rapidly than in the past. Continued emissions into the earth’s atmosphere are projected to cause further warming and increase the... Read more

  • Africa's greatest resource is its young people

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Technology, Arts & Books, Sports, Investigative Reporting, Research, Social, Breaking News 31 Dec 2019

    Africa's greatest resource is its young people, with their energy, creativity, and resilience. The 21st century could produce an African renaissance if governments and their development partners prioritize in investing in people, especially the youth. Ensuring that Africa's youthful population is... Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    London, United Kingdom Cultural 31 Dec 2019

    Britain and London, in particular, is riddled with some of the most peculiar rules and privileges. These are manifested in the many royal prerogatives as well as parliamentary and legal statutes. For example: under a decree of Charles 2nd six ravens must be kept in the Tower at all times (for... Read more

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