• TIME-SENSITIVE PITCH: How Donald Trump policy in Lebanon served Hezbollah?

    Beirut, Lebanon Politics 25 Jan 2021

    With the rapid collapse of the Lebanese economy, the effects of the crisis are not showing in the southern suburbs of Beirut and southern Lebanon, the areas of influence of Hezbollah. While most Lebanese believe that the financial blockade imposed by the Trump administration on Lebanon contributes... Read more

  • Photo of Michael Williams
    Michael Williams
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    The U.S. Presidential Inauguration Live From Washington, DC

    Washington, United States of America Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 26 Jan 2021

    On January 21, 2021 the Trump Administration will come to a close. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in and President and Vice-President, taking the reins of a nation that is as divided as it has been since its Civil War. I will be available for Radio and TV outlets that need up to the... Read more

  • The difficulties freelance Journalist went through during COVID-19

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 26 Jan 2021

    During health emergencies, like COVID-19 pandemic will always makes life difficult for freelance Journalists around the world. Many News organizations have either suspended or limited the freelance they commission and downsized their own staff (full time Journalists). I had some stories which were... Read more

  • Photo of Madalitso Kateta
    Madalitso Kateta
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    Malawi's rights groups rallying to protect girls from sexual violence

    Lilongwe, Malawi Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social 29 Jan 2021

    Following a sharp rise in defilement and incest cases mostly targeting adolescent girls and in extreme cases children under the age of five (, human rights groups in Malawi are rallying to protect children from sexual violence believed to... Read more

  • Nigerians laments over identification

    Abuja, Nigeria Social 31 Jan 2021

    In Nigeria, attempts at creating a National ID card dates back to 1986. After several decades and millions of dollars, the government is now looking to take the process digital. In Africa’s most populous nation, getting any accepted means of identification can be difficult. A driver’s licence... Read more

  • Nigeria: Children cattle rearers

    Abuja, Nigeria Social 31 Jan 2021

    In September this year, the leadership of Fulani cattle rearers in Kaduna State, North of Nigeria directed members to stop underaged children from grazing cattle in the state, saying such development would prevent further destruction of farm produce of the farmers resulting in a crisis. However,... Read more

  • Photo of Johan Verheyden
    Johan Verheyden
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    Nightly battles with the police ... unrests mount

    Tunis, Tunisia Current Affairs 31 Jan 2021

    The tensions mount - police arrests 1000s of young protesters TUNIS, TUNISIA - Protests have swept towns and cities throughout Tunisia for a week, often turning violent as demonstrators denounce broken promises from the government, which hasn't been able to turn around an economy on the verge of... Read more

  • Clarice Lispector 100 years

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Arts & Books 31 Jan 2021

    Despite Covid-19 Brazil is currently celebrating online the 100th anniversary of perhaps its greatest contemporary writer,Clarice Lispector. A resident of Leme, Rio de Janeiro when she did not reside in many parts of the world with her diplomat husband,Clarice is perhaps best known for "Hour of the... Read more

  • Agenda of UAE's vertical farms for 2021 - Listicle

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Science & Environment 31 Jan 2021

    Over the past few years, hydroponics technology has been adopted rapidly globally as well as across the UAE. Globally, because of water scarcity and erratic weather patterns, outdoor agriculture has suffered. Crops that we traditionally grew outdoors have been ravaged by extreme weather conditions,... Read more

  • Stay Safe from COVID, I wish you a Happy Prosperous New Year but remember to acquire my services 2021

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Breaking News, Climate Change 31 Jan 2021

    Stay Safe from COVID, I wish you a Happy Prosperous New Year but remember to acquire my services as your correspondent Journalist. Email WhatsApp +263773894975 Read more

  • Photo of Mathieu Pollet
    Mathieu Pollet
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    How France is using sewage to track COVID-19 surges

    Paris, France Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Health & Fitness 31 Jan 2021

    Across the country, scientists are paying close attention to sewage and wastewaters to track and anticipate the COVID-19 surges. In Paris, the latest analysis from network Obepine shows the same concentration of coronavirus as of September. Read more

  • Photo of Ebrahim Pressbah
    Ebrahim Pressbah
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    Banjul, The Gambia: The Second Political Transition

    Banjul, Gambia Current Affairs 07 Feb 2021

    Military Troops By The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are still in enforcement of the transitional mandate of the current president of the Gambia. From a short term contract after the fall of a 22-year rule characterised by brutality under exiled former president Jammeh, the... Read more

  • Photo of Yasmina Nuny Silva
    Yasmina Nuny Silva
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    Carnival and coronavirus in Guinea-Bissau: the clashing agendas

    Bissau, Guinea-Bissau Politics, Current Affairs, Social, Cultural 12 Feb 2021

    Carnival in Guinea-Bissau under normal circumstances is a three day affair with parades and celebrations across the country, the biggest one being in the capital, Bissau. In the time of coronavirus, though, things are a little different. The infection rate has increased in Guinea-Bissau since... Read more

  • I am Freelance Journalist

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Climate Change 28 Feb 2021

    I am a Freelance Journalist based in Zimbabwe seeking for News Agencies I work for. WhatsApp +263773894975 Read more

  • Photo of Komeil Soheili
    Komeil Soheili
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    Zagros Under Fire: From a birthplace of wine to a land of smoke and flames

    Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran Natural Disasters 28 Feb 2021

    Two hundred seventy thousand oak trees burned in western Iran in the last few months, and one volunteer died in an attempt to stop the fire. "The night in oak forest was bright with flames of wildfires. Some seven-century years old trees turned to ashes within a few hours! It hurts knowing that... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Atif Aryan
    Mohammad Atif Aryan
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    The story of Parigol’s life in Afghanistan, fleeing the war and begging for survival

    Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan War Reporter 10 Mar 2021

    At the entrance of the northern part of the Blue Mosque, a shrine attributed to Prophet Ali, in Mazar-e-Sharif City, a woman with amputated fingers, apparently an amputated nose and low vision caused by burns and dust of the war, is begging at a time when the international community, after formation... Read more

  • Photo of Scovian Lillian
    Scovian Lillian
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    Was Maraga Kenya’s finest Chief Justice?

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 30 Apr 2021

    Kenya’s Chief Justice David Maraga is set to retire in Mid-January next year, but he has however announced that he would be going on leave as of 11th December. Maraga, the second Chief Justice to Kenya under the new constitution took over from retired Chief Justice Willy Mutunga in 2016. Unlike... Read more

  • World War II Bunker turns into music centre for musicians of this French town

    Bayeux, France Travel 30 Apr 2021

    This is a story of how a quaint little town of Bayeux, France turned a World War II hospital for German soldiers, built during the Normandy invasion of France, in 1944, into a place for musicians to rehearse. Some years ago, the musicians of the city needed a place to practice, and the city of... Read more

  • Photo of Raja Furqan Ahmed
    Raja Furqan Ahmed
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    Coronavirus: The economic situation in Pakistan

    Islamabad, Pakistan Risk Analysis 31 May 2021

    The spontaneous change in the life of human kinds comes through the pandemic called COVID-19. Approximately 7.8 billion world populations’ feels threatened and larger confined at home. In many parts of the world borders are closed, trade stops, hotels, businesses shut down, churches, mosques,... Read more

  • Black resistance to the vaccine in America

    Chicago, United States of America Current Affairs 01 Jun 2021

    Louis Farrakhan, head of Chicago-based Nation of Islam, is calling the newly-produced COVID vaccine "toxic waste". Polls show Black Americans are much more hesitant to take it -- and concern is understandable: the notorious "Tuskegee Experiment", which ran from 1932 to 1972, still looms large for... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Farm-fresh to go: Roadside self-serve huts help Bavarian farmers and consumers get through COVID

    Munich, Germany Business 30 Jun 2021

    Who wants to go to a supermarket when you can buy fresh from a farm, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week while benefiting the local economy and the environment? First the Eierhäusl and Millihäusl (“egg huts” and “milk huts,” in down-home Bavarian dialect) − standing temptingly at roadsides and... Read more

  • Photo of Claude Djaquis
    Claude Djaquis
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    Ivory Coast 2020 - Only one man can "lie down with the crocodiles of yamoussoukro".

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs 22 Jul 2021

    Ivory Coast 2020 - Only one man can "lie down with the crocodiles of Yamoussoukro". Nine years ago , battle-hardened "Forces Nouvelles" soldiers led by Guillaume Soro, a former student union leader turned rebel front man, crossed the decade-old French army buffer zone separating North and South... Read more

  • Gift of the Givers turns 28

    Cape Town, South Africa Current Affairs 06 Aug 2021

    African disaster relief organisation Gift of the Givers celebrates its 28th anniversary. To date, its delivered more than 3 billion South African rand, or nearly 200 million US dollars of aid, to 44 countries. Founder, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman says he was instructed to start the organisation by a Sufi... Read more

  • Photo of Wasim Shahzad Qadri
    Wasim Shahzad Qadri
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    Character-Driven Story: Iron-leady takes care of the caretakers in Pakistan

    Pakistan Current Affairs 31 Aug 2021

    With hospitals overwhelmed and a sharp rise in the number of deaths, Pakistan's delicate health system is bracing for an imminent peak of corona-virus cases. More than 10,000 front-line healthcare workers have tested positive and thousands others are under mental stressed. A Iron-lady named XXXX... Read more

  • Once the fashion statement of Begums the 'Bhopali Batua' struggles to stay alive

    Bayeux, France Cultural 30 Sep 2021

    Once a fashion statement, to carry a matchig 'batua' (strng-pouch) with gold and silver-wire 'zardozi' embroidery, the Bhopali batua ruled the fashion world as every woman aspired to carry one beautiful pouch in which she'd keep her tobacco, slaked lime and money, along with a silver toothpick to... Read more

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