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    Forest fire threatens Croatia's second-largest city

    Zagreb, Croatia Current Affairs 21 Jul 2017

    A large fire is encroaching on the Croatian city of Split, forcing evacuations and destroying numerous homes. Split and Croat's Dalmatian coast are popular tourist destinations attracting millions of visitors every summer. Read more

  • Michel Boujenah's show maintained in Tunisia despite controversy

    Tunis, Tunisia Cultural 21 Jul 2017

    Michel Boujenah's show maintained in Tunisia despite controversy this night in Carthage international festival Read more

  • Dedicated Wife

    Kerala, India Social 25 Jul 2017

    Betty Karunakaran made a museum in remembrance of her late husband, Ravi Karunakaran at Alappuzha District of Kerala . The museum is showcasing the gifts to betty from Ravi Karunakaran . Ravi Karunakaran was a billionaire businessman who passed away about 10 years ago. Betty Karan made a museum with... Read more

  • Elections in Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Politics, Current Affairs 28 Jul 2017

    Elections in Kenya Kenya conducts its General Elections in 10 weeks time and as is usually the case, political temperatures have hit fever pitch as aspirants campaign for public offices. Analysts have billed this to be Kenya’s most expensive and competitive election ever, and this is due to the... Read more


    Kisumu, Kisumu County, Kenya Current Affairs 28 Jul 2017

    Water hyacinth, the aquatic weed that has invaded lake victoria.. Several artists have now found a unique way to earn a living by using the weed they harvest from the lake to make papers. The later export the cards and papers to europe and other countries. Read more

  • keeping 700 year old Legacy : The young Tribal King : Raja Raman Mannan

    Kerala, India Social 30 Jul 2017

    Video Story Thevan Raja Mannan the Graduate in Economics is the King of Mannan Tribe one of the 35 Tribal community in Kerala State and is a very strong Community . At present 3000 Mannan families are under the Kingdom . The Legacy has started 700 years ago . The King is supported by his 12... Read more

  • Photo of Francis Mukasa
    Francis Mukasa
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    Kampala, Uganda Health & Fitness 30 Jul 2017

    BARBARA’S FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS STIGMA In Uganda today, about 1.4million people are living with HIV/AIDS. The stigma against these victims is high and many are discouraged from using their Anti-Retroviral drugs, this is not the case with Barbara Kemigisa who has been living with HIV/AIDS for more... Read more

  • New Jersey Man Pays Woman for Years for Sex with her Juvenile Daughters

    Hackensack, United States of America Current Affairs 31 Jul 2017

    A 51-year-old Bergen County man believed to have paid a 44-year-old woman for repeated sexual encounters with with woman's two under-aged daughters. They have each been arrested and charged and are currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on hundreds of thousands in bail. I would like to... Read more

  • Amping Africa

    Dakar, Senegal Politics, Entertainment & Celebrity, Music, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    I met Saintrick, a Congolese singer, political activist, and sound engineer, at a concert one night in Dakar after Senegalese musician Cheikh Lo abruptly stopped batting on his drums and began packing up, ending his show one hour ahead of schedule. "You can't perform and feel good about it if you're... Read more

  • Palm Wine

    Dakar, Senegal Food & Drink, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    Video piece on Palm wine cultivation. Ever wonder how the refreshing frothy white alcoholic beverage from the Western sub-Saharan states was made? Go deep into the palm tree forest of Casamance, Senegal to see for yourself and meet the 60-year-old man whose palm wine is always in demand. Read more

  • Fruit Sellers still struggle post Ebola

    Kindia, Guinea Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Cultural, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    Years after the World Health Organisation declared Guinea an Ebola free zone, the women of Kindia, one of Guinea's major fruit producing regions, still struggle to overcome the taboo of possibly tainted fruit and sell the quantity they once did. Propose a video piece on fruit sellers in Guinea Read more

  • Photo of Carmen Gentile
    Carmen Gentile
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    July availability in Iraq

    Mosul, Iraq Politics, Current Affairs, Arts & Books, War Reporter, Medical, Media Training, Risk Analysis, 360 Videography 31 Jul 2017

    I'll be reporting in Mosul, Erbil and points in between during the month of July. Read more

  • Photo of Calistus Bosaletswe
    Calistus Bosaletswe
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    Will Dalai Lama's visit to Botswana ignite a diplomatic row between Botswana and China

    Gaborone, Botswana Politics 31 Jul 2017

    Will Dalai Lama's visit to Botswana ignite a diplomatic row between Botswana and China. Pundits argue that Botswana cannot afford to lose China over Dalai Lama. This raises question on whether Botswana will allow Dalai Lama to visit the country where is expected to deliver a speech at University of... Read more

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    Visaurt Sankam
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    Behind Tin Wall

    Bangkok, Thailand Investigative Reporting 31 Jul 2017

    "Behind Tin Walls" is a project documenting the lives of migrant workers living in three different camp sites of Bangkok. Mostly migrant workers from Cambodia, they occupy temporary tin-walled structures as they build Bangkok’s booming luxury condominium industry. Their own living conditions are of... Read more

  • U.S. Airlines Battle For Piece of Cuba travel market

    New York, United States of America Business 31 Jul 2017

    U.S. airlines flights to Cuba resumed after nearly 50 years. U.S. airlines returned to the Cuba market with a frenzy. However, some airlines are cutting back on flights to the Caribbean island as the high demand anticipated has not materialized. President Trump's recent policy change toward Cuba... Read more

  • EU - Japan Trade Deal

    Tralee, Ireland Food & Drink 31 Jul 2017

    The EU is making new deals. They just made one with Japan, which will see all tariffs lifted on EU food imports. How will this affect non-EU countries? Will Japan be open to deals with the other countries and how will this deal benefit EU agriculture? How will Britain feel being left out of another... Read more

  • 5 Best Shops in Paris for Men's Fashion

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 31 Jul 2017

    I would like to include a few luxury fashion shops that are only available or originated in France, such as Éditions M.R, Ami, Balibaris, Jimmy Fairly. Their aesthetics are truly French and I think a lot of people would like to know them. Read more

  • Interview with London Ethnic:

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 31 Jul 2017

    London Ethnic is a fashion house dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion. I think it'd be interesting to do an interview with them and discuss how they support emerging designers and their 'made in England' approach. Read more

  • Where to Buy Sustainable Fashion in London

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 31 Jul 2017

    I would like to include a few brands offering sustainable designs and information on where to find them in London. Brands to include could be: Stella McCartney with its famous faux leather, Melissa Joy Manning with its hand-made jewelry etc. Read more

  • How These Brands Are Promoting Androgyny

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 31 Jul 2017

    More and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of androgynous designs so it'd be interesting to know some pioneers in this field. Equipment is famous for their menswear-inspired shirts, Current/Elliott is known for its coveted boyfriend jeans, Acne Studios for their ground-breaking, de-sexualised... Read more

  • Photo of Alex Kathy Katayi
    Alex Kathy Katayi
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    Gabon Social distress

    Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic Business 31 Jul 2017

    In Gabon, it is social distress. Prices have risen sharply in markets and supermarkets. The waltz of the labels at the origin of the expensive life was observed after the entry into force on 15 March last of a new tax to help Gabonese economically weak. The Gabonese state believed well but the... Read more

  • Photo of Alex Kathy Katayi
    Alex Kathy Katayi
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    Cameroun Maroua Stone Breaking Women

    Cameroun Business 31 Jul 2017

    Cameroon: Every day, more than 200 women and children gather at the bottom of these mountains, the aim is to fetch big stones in the mountain, that they go down to break and transform into gravel. A gravel resold and the money earned is used to take care of their families, this in a city where the... Read more

  • Photo of Eugene Nforngwa
    Eugene Nforngwa
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    Bonded by Illness: AIDS widow and orphan fight back stigma and poverty in northern Cameroon

    Yaounde, Cameroon Health & Fitness 31 Jul 2017

    When a mother and daughter find out they are HIV positive, a decade=long struggle against stigmatization and poverty unravels. Ahead of the International Aids Society Conference 2017, this feature throws light on the forgotten struggles of people living with HIV in the remote corners of Africa. 800... Read more

  • Business Real Estate News

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Arts & Books 31 Jul 2017

    Find the latest business, economic &amp; <a href="">real estate news</a>. Check AMEInfo for current information on Energy &amp; Power Updates. Also, explore our travel guide. Read more

  • Photo of Albertus Vembrianto
    Albertus Vembrianto
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    Papua's gold families

    Papua, Indonesia Social 01 Aug 2017

    In 1967, the opening of the PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) goldmine in Timika gave the local population hopes of employment. Today, 25% of its employees are from the local community but many have not been able to secure a job as the company requires workers to have completed high school. Instead, many... Read more

  • Photo of Charis McGowan
    Charis McGowan
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    PRIDE Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands Cultural 01 Aug 2017

    Covering the epicentre of Pride in Amsterdam, NL. Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Extreme Sports Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 01 Aug 2017

    Extreme Sports Tourism. The terror group Alshabaab has carried out numerous attacks within the Kenyan borders including the Westgate Mall attack and Garissa University. This has caused the number of tourists visiting Kenya dwindle vastly affecting the tourism of Kenya which is the backbone of its... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Whale Shark Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Science & Environment 01 Aug 2017

    Swimming with the Whale Shark. As the largest creature on earth, the whale shark is among the endangered species in the world. A whale shark trust in coastal Kenya is assisting the local fishermen who hunt the whale shark, learn the importance of conserving this largest fish. The trust is also... Read more

  • Wickham Festival the top family friendly festival

    Littlehampton, United Kingdom Cultural 06 Aug 2017

    Images and story's from the Wickham festival, including concert reviews form the headline acts KT Tunstall, Seth Lakeman and The Levellers as well as Eliza Carthy, 10CC, Show of Hands and The Selecter Wickham Festival (previously known as Eastleigh Big Top Music Festival, sometimes referred to as... Read more

  • Pitfalls of Command Agriculture in Zimbabwe

    Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe Food & Drink 11 Aug 2017

    The much vaunted command agriculture programme that was meant to produce enough to secure food security for the 14 million Zimbabweans has created a new battle ground for President Robert Mugabe's government as ministers trade insults and some discredit the programme as a feeding trough for high... Read more

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