• Photo of Moses Kollie Garzeawu
    Moses Kollie Garzeawu
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    No Money Missing -Former Liberia Central Bank Governor says,

    Monrovia, Liberia Business, Breaking News 23 Sep 2018

    The former governor of the Central Bank of Liberia has said no money went missing as its being speculated. 16 Billion printed is reported missing after it arrived at the Freeport of Monrovia. The former bank governor has been undergoing questioning from a Security Task Force. You can contact... Read more

  • Photo of Moses Kollie Garzeawu
    Moses Kollie Garzeawu
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    Protest expected in Liberia

    Monrovia, Liberia Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 25 Sep 2018

    Protest is expected on Monday in the Liberian Capital Monrovia following the disappearance of 16 billion printed Liberian Dollar Banknotes in the tune of 106 million United States dollars. A coalition of Civil Society groups, students, traders, and transport operators are organizing the protest.... Read more

  • Photo of Antonina Soldatova
    Antonina Soldatova
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    The first fur seal in Europe was born in Ukraine

    Kyiv, Ukraine Science & Environment, Social, Cultural 28 Sep 2018

    The real miracle happened 6 years ago in Kyiv. In the dolphinarium " Nemo" was born the first fur seal in Europe. If you want to know his fate and to see how he looks right now - book my videostory. Read more

  • Photo of Antonina Soldatova
    Antonina Soldatova
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    Bond's girl or american-ukrainian fairy-tale

    Kyiv, Ukraine Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Cultural 29 Sep 2018

    Olga Kurilenko,born in small ukrainian town,became a Bond's girl in the film about the greatest agent,and found herself a world's star in one day. Do you want to know the begining of her unbelievable story ,book my interviews with her family and friends. Read more

  • Photo of Antonina Soldatova
    Antonina Soldatova
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    Ukrainian girl can cure the whole mankind

    Kyiv, Ukraine Science & Environment, Health & Fitness, Medical 30 Sep 2018

    Clue how to cure cancer and other ilnesses almost has found the youngest PHD in Ukraine - Olga Brovaretz. Do you want to know the whole story from Olga herself - book my interview with her. Read more

  • Photo of Antonina Soldatova
    Antonina Soldatova
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    New world's boxing star was born in Ukraine

    Kyiv, Ukraine Sports 30 Sep 2018

    His fan is Mike Tyson, world calls him new boxing star - it is Vasyl Lomachenko from Ukraine. I can make interviews with him in his motherland, with his first teachers, classmates and relatives. You can book my unique interviews and reports in Ukraine/Odessa -place where he grew up and became a... Read more

  • Photo of Massinissa Benlakehal
    Massinissa Benlakehal
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    Libya's ongoing fighting

    طرابلس, Libya War Reporter, Breaking News 30 Sep 2018

    As fighting in Tripoli keeps increasing and becoming more and more intensified between militias, videos, filming and interviews (varied) can be arranged for any TV, radio or newspaper that is keen in keeping an eye on what's happening there. Also, a team is available for such need in Tripoli and... Read more

  • Photo of Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
    Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
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    Comunicación científica, un valor en alza

    Barcelona, Spain Science & Environment 30 Sep 2018

    De las muchas definiciones que he buscado por la red sobre el término “comunicación científica”, la más común que he encontrado es la de “sistema por el cual científicos e investigadores crean, distribuyen, usan y conservan sus trabajos”. Pero se queda corta, muy corta. Para que nos entendamos, voy... Read more

  • Photo of Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
    Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
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    Hospital transfronterizo de la Cerdanya: un hospital, dos estados

    Barcelona, Spain Medical 30 Sep 2018

    Desde el año 2014, funciona el hospital transfronterizo de la Cerdanya, ubicado en Puigcerdà (España) y que da cobertura sanitaria a los cerca de los 30.000 habitantes que residen en esta histórica comarca dividida entre dos estados (español y francés) desde el siglo XVII. Se trata del primer y... Read more

  • Deforestation and Jaguar Declines in South America's Gran Chaco

    New York, United States of America Science & Environment 30 Sep 2018

    South America's Gran Chaco forest, which includes parts of parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay, is the second largest/most biodiverse forest in Latin America (after the Amazon). However, unlike the Amazon, hardly any of it is protected against deforestation/agriculture, and upticks in... Read more

  • Pakistan General Elections 25th July 2018.

    Islamabad, Pakistan Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 01 Oct 2018

    General elections are scheduled to be held in Pakistan on 25 July 2018. All 342 seats in the National Assembly 172 seats needed for a majority. I offer my Shoot/edit/Fixer/Producer services for the Pre-election News stories,Electoral Process and Post Elections process from all over Pakistan.... Read more

  • Photo of Sana, Wai Shan Fong
    Sana, Wai Shan Fong
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    Target non-local Chinese vaccination travel tour emerged in Australia

    Sydney, Australia Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Research 01 Oct 2018

    A recent vaccine scandal in China prompted mainlander Chinese parents taking their children to Hong Kong and Macau for vaccinations. In Australia, few travel agencies and migration companies regard the misfortune as a fortune that they are running "vaccination travel tours" for the worried parents,... Read more

  • Photo of Andréa Magalhães
    Andréa Magalhães
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    Brazil Election Coverage

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Politics 31 Oct 2018

    In October, the Brazilian electorate will vote for a new president, governors, and federal and state congress members in a polarized political environment. Brazilians still do not know their options and the fate of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is completely uncertain. Will he be a... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    London, United Kingdom Entertainment & Celebrity 31 Oct 2018

    A few days ago, Cosmopolitan magazine put an obese model on the cover for the first time. It caused a comotion, with arguments for and against it. T. has been a professional dancer for over 10 years. She's 24 stone. Her big break happened when she won a TV competition and since never stopped... Read more

  • Photo of Shah Muhammod Moshahid
    Shah Muhammod Moshahid
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    Pigeon teen in Dhaka

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Social 30 Nov 2018

    The horrible traffic jam of Dhaka is known to all. Not only traffic, but everyone knows about the plight of living in this city. A large number of people live in the house like a pigeon's house. They traveled with some car like pigeon teen. More than a billion people settled in Dhaka, Capital city... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    News and Documentaries assignments in Mogadishu, Somalia

    Mogadishu, Somalia Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Food & Drink, Music, Health & Fitness, Medical, Paranormal, Media Training, Investigative Reporting, Research, Social, Cultural, Breaking News 30 Nov 2018

    I am available for news and news features assignment in Mogadishu and the whole region of the horn of Africa. I am an international broadcast journalist who shuttles between Nairobi and Mogadishu. Through my work, I have provided relevant, insightful and in-depth coverage of events in Africa. I am... Read more

  • Photo of Badebye Godfrey
    Badebye Godfrey
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    Kampala, Uganda Social 01 Dec 2018

    Aisha Bahati is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people especially those with sight impairment At the age of seven, she suffered an ailment that later left her blind but many years later, the loss of sight couldn't be loss of a dream. Today she runs a salon and she is a sought after... Read more

  • Photo of bayo akinpelu israel godson
    bayo akinpelu israel godson
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    George weah prepares to be liberias first legalmale president after the war...........

    Monrovia, Liberia 360 Videography 07 Dec 2018

    George weah prepares to be liberias first legalmale president after the war........... Read more

  • Photo of Thurea Mwadzaya
    Thurea Mwadzaya
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    Mombasa, Kenya Health & Fitness 18 Dec 2018

    A 54 year old man uses physiotherapy to heal disabled child .Through exercises ranging from walking ,enhancing good sitting positions . Peter has enabled more than 5 disabled children who were admitted at a disabled hospital in portrieze in Mombasa where the mother had to discharge them as they... Read more


    Abuja, Nigeria Investigative Reporting 20 Dec 2018

    It has been an age long phenomenon not only within Nigeria and Africa but the world over, predating modern life as even Biblical records showed that the first murder was by a Farmer (Cain) against a cattle breeder (Abel). The sudden re-surge of the farmer/herders crisis in Nigeria has since sparked... Read more

  • Photo of steve lefophana
    steve lefophana
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    Duduza community cry foul over high crime

    Johannesburg South, South Africa Current Affairs 29 Dec 2018

    Residents of Duduza informal settlement in Tshwelopele , Tembisa have given a stern warning to criminals who carry on stealing from the community while they are away at work and have seen that as a opportunity. This is after more than 15 sharks in Block D were broken and more goods and chattels... Read more

  • Photo of Wassim Ben Rhouma
    Wassim Ben Rhouma
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    Documentary co-production

    Tunis, Tunisia Film & Theatre, Investigative Reporting, Research 31 Dec 2018

    Looking for a a co-producer or content producer to producer a serie of documentaries in Tunisia, in the Mediteranian and Maghreb region. If you are interested please let me know. Read more

  • The Almajiri Child

    Yola, Nigeria Current Affairs 31 Dec 2018

    The Almajiris are basically children whose parents send them to far flung parts of Northern Nigeria to acquire Islamic education. The irony is that these kids, sometimes as young as 4 have to fend for themselves by begging on the streets and sleeping anywhere they find shelter. The rise of suicide... Read more

  • Photo of Julius Mugambwa
    Julius Mugambwa
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    Uganda's little punches with Olympics dreams

    Kampala, Uganda Business 31 Dec 2018

    A boxing club in Uganda's capital is helping children as young as ten in slums to pursue professional boxing careers Uganda's biggest boxing achievement at Olympics is 3 silvers with the last one won in 1980 Since then, several boxers have been at the games but with not much to celebrate but... Read more

  • Photo of Andréa Magalhães
    Andréa Magalhães
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    The past, present, and future of Rio's port area

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Affairs 31 Dec 2018

    In the colonial era of Brazil, Rio's port area was the principal entry of Africans in the Americas. Slaves, of course. Centuries later, the venue was completely abandoned, becoming dangerous to visit it (and this until a very recent time). With the 2016 Olympics, there were public and private works... Read more

  • Photo of Andréa Magalhães
    Andréa Magalhães
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    Brazilians discover Portugal

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Affairs 31 Dec 2018

    Brazil's economic crisis deepens two serious problems in the country: unemployment and lack of professional perspectives, even for qualified and experienced people. In this scenery, many Brazilians have been moving to Portugal searching for better opportunities. The objective of this report is to... Read more

  • Albanian Mystery Island Opens to Tourists

    Tirana, Albania Social 31 Dec 2018

    Once upon a time the home of some Albanian military personnel, the island of Sazan, is nowdays becoming a great attraction for foreigners who come to Albania but also for Albanians. Hoxha, the famous dictator of Albania, had a very strategic and at the same time a crazy plan for Sazan which was to... Read more


    Abuja, Nigeria Current Affairs 31 Dec 2018

    When she was a teenager, Dorothy Njemanze was sexually molested several times. She survived and has set up the Dorothy Njemanze Foundation. An organization that provides support to victims of sexual assault and gender violence cases. She also does gender advocacy and public enlightenment. An... Read more


    Abuja, Nigeria Medical 31 Dec 2018

    These days everybody seems to be a matchmaker. However, this man is a matchmaker with a difference. What is special about this man is that he has brought over 500 HIV positive couples together. Right now he has over 7000 people on his books. For the past 6 years, Michael Ugochukwu has been a... Read more

  • Photo of Nusaiba Ibrahim
    Nusaiba Ibrahim
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    Kano, Nigeria Politics, Current Affairs, Research 31 Dec 2018

    Tensions are increasing as Nigeria prepares ahead of its general elections in 2019. In view of its massive population which amounts to about 200 million, the date of termination of registration has been consistently postponed in order to ensure registration of all eligible voters. Although, many... Read more

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