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    Italy Coronavirus lockdown

    Italy Natural Disasters, Health & Fitness, Medical, Breaking News 10 Apr 2020

    Italian government established a broad lock down area in Northern Italy, in order to contain Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. News videomaker available. Read more

  • vulnerable groups preparing for the COVID 19 outbreak?

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 10 Apr 2020

    The COVID - 19 Pandemic will most likely hit vulnerable communities the hardest. I would want to focus on Eat Out movement of the biggest non-profit organisation in Zimbabwe which works with homeless and their welfare . During this outbreak Eat out movement is running around making sure that the... Read more

  • Photo of Ewelina Kawczynska
    Ewelina Kawczynska
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    Coronavirus in Catalonia

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 11 Apr 2020

    Spain sees nearly 2,000 new coronavirus cases in a day, with confirmed deaths rising to 491. Catalonia is second region affected after Madrid. Pedro Sanchez announced on Tuesday €200 billion relief package against effects of coronavirus on the economy. I am currently in Barcelona and available to... Read more

  • Photo of Johannes Pleschberger
    Johannes Pleschberger
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    Vienna Museum is collecting photos from everyday life with coronavirus

    Wien, Austria Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Cultural 13 Apr 2020

    Cell phone, toilet paper or face mask? In order to document the time around the corona virus for future generations, the Wien Museum asks the public to take photos of objects that play a role in current everyday life. Possible shoot: museum curator showing pics received from the population,... Read more

  • COVID-19 and the crisis in the tourism in Spain

    Ibiza, Spain Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Investigative Reporting, Social, Breaking News, Climate Change 13 Apr 2020

    How an island that lives almost exclusively from tourism, lives confined and closed? During the coming week, we will only see desolate boardwalks, closed hotels and deserted beaches. The images of sun and beach without tourists is going to be something historic in Spain. This perspective... Read more

  • Photo of Ewelina Kawczynska
    Ewelina Kawczynska
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    Empty streets of Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 14 Apr 2020

    The number of deaths and infected people is rising in Spain. According to Health Authorities as of March 26, there are 12,940 confirmed covid19 cases, and 880 people in Catalonia have died due to the illness. I'm available for any stories or live reporting on the latest regarding coronavirus in... Read more

  • Photo of Ewelina Kawczynska
    Ewelina Kawczynska
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    Not only people are affected by coronavirus.

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 14 Apr 2020

    Normally Placa Catalunya is the most crowded place in Barcelona. People are always feeding the birds. Now because of the coronavirus everyone is at home so there is nobody to feed the pigeons and the seagles. Here is a little preview: Read more

  • The Southern Africa is in a Climate emergency

    Harare, Zimbabwe Politics, Technology, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Social, Training 14 Apr 2020

    The climate emergency is a growing threat particularly to the most vulnerable, and a particular threat to the long-term health, safety and prosperity of people in Southern Africa. Southern Africa is facing massive famine this year. This is a result of change of seasons due to shift of climate and... Read more

  • Photo of Emmanuel NKANGURA
    Emmanuel NKANGURA
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    Kigali, Rwanda Breaking News 15 Apr 2020

    Available to report developments from Rwanda Read more

  • How a religious group is being blamed for spreading Covid19 in Pakistan

    Islamabad, Pakistan Natural Disasters 15 Apr 2020

    Tablighi Jamat ( Preacher's Party) is apolitical religious group of Islamists with its roots in Pakistan and many parts of the world. Recently, their main gathering center in Raiwind, a city in the most populous province Punjab, has been sealed and quarantined after reports of dozens of preachers... Read more

  • Muslim preachers group emerges as the biggest challenge for India in fight with Corona

    New Delhi, India Current Affairs 15 Apr 2020

    AVAILABLE FOR PHONER/SKYPE LIVE or Q&A from Delhi. While India has been trying to contain the coronavirus spread, in last one week the spread of the pandemic is suddenly spiked upto 120% per day, thanks to a group of Sunni Muslim cult, whom global media organisations like Al-Jazeera or Washington... Read more

  • Photo of Tom Carstensen
    Tom Carstensen
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    Denmark to partially reopen schools after Easter

    København, Denmark Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Medical, Breaking News 16 Apr 2020

    On Monday the 6th of April the Danish PM again held a press conference. Nurseries, kindergartens to reopen. Classes for school children up to the age of 12 look to be let back into schools from the 15th of April. All exams in the Danish schools are cancelled in this school year and the grade... Read more

  • Corona Updates from India

    New Delhi, India Current Affairs 16 Apr 2020

    The virus has been somehow contained so far in a country of 1.3 billion, but now it seems like the situation is going out of the hand as large slum clusters are getting infected. Phono, Skype iv offered. Read more

  • In small towns, businesses rely on creativity and loyalty to survive

    Indianapolis, United States of America Business, Current Affairs 18 Apr 2020

    A family-owned pizzeria now sells boxes of dough and sauce so families can build their own pizzas from the safety of home. A tea room offers plates of cookies and bouquets of flowers with orders. An oil and vinegar shop now delivers. In order to survive the time of coronavirus small businesses need... Read more

  • Photo of Christopher Guly
    Christopher Guly
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    COVID-19 in Canada

    Ottawa, Canada Breaking News 20 Apr 2020

    Available to report on developments from Canada. Chris ph: 001-613-256-9595 Read more

  • Tunisia- CoViD 19 stories and reportages

    Tunis, Tunisia Breaking News 20 Apr 2020

    Stories about the hospitals of Tunis, Public quarantine, Streets and avenues empty Read more

  • Clinical trial coronavirus Spain

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 26 Apr 2020

    Good afternoon, I am a freelance journalist based in Barcelona. Considering the current situation in Spain in reference to the coronavirus, I wanted to send you a proposal in case you are interested (you can see some samples of my work in my website: The report... Read more

  • Hope in Haiti

    Indianapolis, United States of America Current Affairs, Natural Disasters 30 Apr 2020

    A decade ago an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti and changed millions of lives. Many stories cover the devastation and lack of improvement over the past ten years. In the town of Fondwa 16 miles (26km) from the epicenter there is a story of hope. US-based Zanmi Fondwa ("Friends of Fondwa") has... Read more

  • Coverage Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Sarajevo-Tuzla-Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Current Affairs 30 Apr 2020

    Good morning, I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona. During march I will be in Bosnia and Herzegovina to write some reportages -also with video and photos. -I will go to the Bosnian-Croatian border to see the situation of migrants trapped at EU gates. Specifically, Croatia's returns to... Read more

  • Photo of Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
    Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
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    Economic crisis looms in Iraq due to plummeted oil prices, delay in 2020 budget approval

    Baghdad, Iraq Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    Political wrangling and months-long anti-government protests in Iraq have delayed the approval of this year budget, threatening to impact the colossal task of rebuilding after a devastating war with IS and to further fuel the growing public anger over shabby services. The recent plunge in oil... Read more

  • Photo of Bruno Torquato
    Bruno Torquato
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    Coronavirus in Brazil

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Health & Fitness, Medical, Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    I'm available to cover the crises of coronavirus in Brazil. Keep in touch. Read more

  • How are the most vulnerable people in society living coronavirus outbreak? An old nun story

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    A noon activist reflecting her life and work in the midst of coronavirus epidemy Summary Mari Pau Trayner Vilanova is a noon, 84 years old, who fights actively for the rights of the noons inside the Church. In fact, she devoted her life to struggle for a change inside the Church. Although her... Read more

  • Brazil's President demands that the country returns to work.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    31st March 30, 2020 Brazil has suffered 6 times as many deaths in the first 13 days of the pandemic as China suffered in it’s first 13 days. And the Health Minister Mandetta says that he public health system is already overwhelmed. This huge country has imposed self-isolation to try to control... Read more

  • Brazil – Supreme Court attempts to remove Bolsonaro from power

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Politics, Breaking News 30 Apr 2020

    Brazil’s top court moves to unseat President Bolsonaro for endangering public health. Political leaders condemn Bolsonaro’s demand Brazil ends self-isolation and returns to work. “He’s committed crimes….lied, incited chaos”. His own Ministers unite against him. Tonight Bolsonaro plans a... Read more

  • Photo of Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
    Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
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    Coronavirus lockdown pushes Iraq's impoverished populations to edge of hunger

    Baghdad, Iraq Current Affairs, Social 30 Apr 2020

    Iraq's most vulnerable populations are reeling under hunger due to lockdown that has been imposed since mid March in a bid to slow coronavirus spread. There are no plans from the government on how to help those who live on day to day on what they earn, fueling anger against the political elite and... Read more

  • Photo of Kate Papenberg
    Kate Papenberg
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    Getting arrested while running in Almaty: A COVID-19 missive

    Almaty, Kazakhstan Health & Fitness 30 Apr 2020

    It was the last day of the last round of quarantine measures when it happened: three police cars with seven officers turned onto the narrow path and summarily apprehended six runners. I was proud that it took so many of them to catch us. Literally. At the same time, however, why did they... Read more

  • Coronavirus in Russia

    Moscow, Russia Social 30 Apr 2020

    I'm available for stories about the pandemic in Russia: low official numbers, citizens stuck overseas, closed borders, the latest updates Read more

  • Divorce in the time of Coronavirus

    Indianapolis, United States of America Cultural 02 May 2020

    Divorce rates have climbed in Turkey and China since lockdowns have been implemented, with increases expected in more countries in the coming months. Couples whose relationship was already on edge are struggling. Breakups are nearly impossible when couples are quarantined. Marriage therapists... Read more

  • The World is facing a medical emergency

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Politics, Film & Theatre, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Medical, Research, Breaking News 04 May 2020

    Over the past few weeks, we have seen the world stricken with fear and panic over what is now known as the COVID-19, and its effects on many nations.Umphumela wesithombe we-covid-19 virus The world is fighting an enemy they don’t understand; one seems more powerful than them, against which they... Read more

  • Photo of Linas Jegelevicius
    Linas Jegelevicius
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    How the tiny Baltics pioneer cutting-edge high-tech in combating COVID-19

    Kaunas, Lithuania Breaking News 31 May 2020

    The malady of public health, known as COVID-19, has turned into a great opportunity for some Baltic startups. A self-driving smart disinfectant robot created by a Vilnius-based startup has been a success in Honk Kong and other startups have had similar success too. Read more

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