• Attack on UAE Oil Assets & Infrastructure

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Politics, Current Affairs, Breaking News 21 Jan 2022

    Following today's purported terrorist attacks on UAE oil assets and infrastructure by Yemen's Houthi rebels, I am based in Dubai and available for on-the-ground coverage and explanation of regional/global implications. Please see for examples of recent stories.... Read more

  • Kec.Bandungan Lakukan Launching Vaksin Booster (Dosis Ke-3) Sebanyak 200 Peserta

    Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Medical, Social, Breaking News 21 Jan 2022

    Kecamatan Bandungan, Kab.Semarang adakan launching vaksin Booster (Dosis ke-3) sebanyak 200 peserta vajsinasi. Menurut camat Bandungan, Anang Sukoco, S.STP, MM mengatakan bahwa, giat launcing vaksin ini merupakan bagian program pemerintah pusat yang telah ditetapkan, dan diteruskan pemerintah... Read more

  • Launching Booster (Dosis Ke-3) Kecamatan Bawen Diikuti 96 Peserta Vaksin

    Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Medical, Social, Breaking News 21 Jan 2022

    Giat launching Booster (Dosis Ke-3) yang diselenggarakan oleh pihak Kec.Bawen-Kab.Semarang diikuti sebanyak 96 peserta vaksin. Menurut Koordinator pensnggungjawab tim Puskesmas Bawen, dr Endang mengatakan, jumlah 96 peserta vaksin ini mengawali agenda giat launching Booster dosis ketiga... Read more

  • Une délégation du Conseil Rédional de Kayes à Bamako

    Kayes, Mali Current Affairs 26 Jan 2022

    Une délégation du Conseil Régional de Kayes conduite par le deuxième Vice-président et comprenant le chargé Suivi évaluation, la Conseillère Technique en charge du projet (UE) ainsi que les représentants du Réseau des Petites et Mvoyennes Entreprises (REMAP) étaient à Bamako la Semaine dernière ... Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    24 travel destinations

    London, United Kingdom Travel 27 Jan 2022

    Here are my 24 destinations about which I can write with confidence and affection. I can add descriptive details of accommodation, restaurants and the most enjoyable attractions and excursions along with my personal finds and favourites. Istanbul Western fascination with the exoticism of this... Read more

  • Ray Youssef’s Exceptional Plan for Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Business 31 Jan 2022

    While most people shun away from discussing the reality of cryptocurrency economies, it is true that the world is heading towards a completely cashless economy. To ensure that people trade carefully, legally, and in a secure environment, Paxful provides a peer-to-peer platform in which crypto... Read more


    Toronto, Canada Business 31 Jan 2022

    Possible trip to the Middle East in January 2022. Would be available for assignment. Read more

  • Transition malienne : les Assises nationales de la refondation programmées du 11 au 30 décembre 2021

    Kayes, Mali Politics 31 Jan 2022

    Dans un communiqué, le Panel des hautes personnalités de la refondation du Mali a annoncé les dates des Assises nationales de la refondation qui débute le samedi 11 décembre 2021. Communiqué Le Panel des hautes personnalités de la refondation à l’honneur d’informer l’opinion nationale et... Read more

  • Le président Assimi Goita apporte de l'aide aux démunies de la ville de Kayes

    Kayes, Mali Social 31 Jan 2022

    Le président de la République le Col. Assimi Goita e remis des vivres a 100 familles démunies de la ville. La cérémonie s'est déroulée à la mairie de la commune urbaine. Elle était présidée par le Col Assa Badiallo conseillère spéciale du président et en présence du préfet de Kayes Benena Mounkoro... Read more

  • Fin de la formation sur le processus électoral

    Kayes, Mali Politics 31 Jan 2022

    Le Gouverneur de la Région, le Col Moussa SOUMARÉ, vient de présider la cérémonie de clôture de la formation sur la sécurisation du processus électoral, dans la salle de conférence du conseil de cercle de Kayes. Il s'agit de la formation des unités constituées des forces de sécurité de la Région... Read more

  • Journalist who broke today´s biggest story involving Prince Andrew sex scandal mysteriously phased out

    Bahia, Brazil Breaking News 31 Jan 2022

    February,2011,she was a top notch globetrotting correspondent for a big British Sunday tab and broke a story about 17-year-old Virginia Robrerts who revealed to her that she was the mysterious Jane Doe employed by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.A photo revealed a favorite customer of hers was no one... Read more

  • London based pianist will bring her piano to play on Amazon river

    Santarém, Brazil Entertainment & Celebrity 31 Jan 2022

    A London- based pianist is planning for 2022 her second musical trip on the Amazon piano playing music of local composers for riverside communities; Her first musical voyage resulted in an award-winning documentary .To prepare for the voyage, the Brazilian has taken a special course in piano tuning... Read more

  • Photo of Hafida BENYACOUB
    Hafida BENYACOUB
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    French EU Presidency 2022, a challenge with French Presidency and pandemic

    Etterbeek, Belgium Politics 31 Jan 2022

    The begining of French presidency starts with some questions araise with French Presidency Election in April and EU social priorites. How Macron could run this situation during EU presidency. Analysis -research-interivews Read more


    Yaoundé, Cameroon Sports 08 Feb 2022

    The Africa Cup of Nations (also referred to as AFCON 2021 or CAN 2021), is the African version of the FIFA world cup or the UEFA Euros. The 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the biennial international men's football championship organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF)... Read more

  • Sadiola: Atelier de concertation sur la sécurisation des carrières

    Kayes, Mali Science & Environment 15 Feb 2022

    Le Chef de l'Exécutif Régional, le Col Moussa SOUMARÉ, s'est rendu dans les zones deguerpies. Ensuite, il a effectué une visite de courtoisie aux éléments de la mission conjointe de forces de défense et de sécurité de déguerpissement des orpailleurs avant de faire un tour à la Bank of Africa, qui... Read more

  • F&B In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong Food & Drink 28 Feb 2022

    New laws haven't dampened Hong Kong's entrepreneurial spirit. Far from it! There's a wide range of creators who are making beer and spirits for the entire world to consume -- and putting the city on the map in the process. I've got pictures, interview transcriptions and can write the... Read more

  • Photo of Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
    Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
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    Kenyans Decry high taxes

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 28 Feb 2022

    A majority of Kenyans feel weighed down by the high taxation and would evade paying tax if given a chance. A mobile phone survey by a lobby group "Twaweza ni Sisi" reveals that Kenyans justify tax evasion citing the high cost of living and poor services offered by the Government. Half of those... Read more

  • Photo of Gembong Nusantara
    Gembong Nusantara
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    Endangered Gibbon Conservation and Research in Java

    South Jakarta, Indonesia Science & Environment 28 Feb 2022

    According to IUCN, Javan Gibbon is listed endangered. A group of scientists and locals in West Java get in the line of conservation to preserve the last remaining rainforest on the island. Along the way, they research the animal behaviour. Read more

  • I am a Journalist based in Zimbabwe seeking for freelancing Journalism jobs

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Current Affairs, Entertainment & Celebrity, Cultural, Breaking News, Climate Change 22 Mar 2022

    Dear Sir/Madam I am a dedicated and ambitious journalist, specializing in breaking news , business, politics, social justice, Leadership and life Success coaching, climate change, and health articles. My work has appeared in several news links (online and print platforms) in abroad and local.I am... Read more

  • Photo of Néstor Meléndez Soler
    Néstor Meléndez Soler
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    Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers-South America.

    Barranquilla, Colombia Sports 24 Mar 2022

    Barranquilla is the home of the Colombian national team that is competing in the World Cup qualifiers for Qatar 2022. The games will be held at the stadium Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez, in Barranquilla. Don´t miss the opportunity to have a journalist in Barranquilla covering the games where some... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Germans Love the Tiled Stove: Ecological, Economical, and High on the Cosiness Scale

    Munich, Germany Cultural 31 Mar 2022

    It's found in palaces, farmhouses, and old stagecoach inns, but also in many newly-built homes in Germany: the Kachelofen or tiled stove. And no wonder: it radiates heat for as long as twenty-four hours with locally grown wood as fuel. The warmth of the stove is stored in its stone core and tiled... Read more

  • محكمة العدل الدولية ومجلس الأمن قرارات دون دلائل تشبه السراب

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Mar 2022

    قيام الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية على حساب أراضي صحراء المغرب خطء تاريخي جسيم خطء جسيم يرتكبه مجلس الأمن ومحكمة العدل الدولية في الصحراء الغربية دون الجوء إلى تحقيق تاريخي معمق، أو إستدعاء خبراء دوي المعرفة بالتاريخ والخبرات المعمقة في علم الجيولوجيا هو واجب يقع على مسؤوليتهم المعرفية... Read more

  • East African Young Agripreneurs Empowered in Short Food Supply Systems, Sustainable Organic Vegetable Farming, and ICT

    Mbale, Uganda Business, Current Affairs, Technology, Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Training 21 Apr 2022

    Early morning of Thursday, 28th March 2019, the 4th day of the East African Youth in Agriculture Workshop. Mbale town is peacefully quiet, save for some classic soul rhythms orchestrated by a couple of Ruppell's long-tailed starlings nesting on a tree near my room's balcony. Doors open and shut,... Read more

  • The Truth that eludes Africa freedom

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Cultural 28 Apr 2022

    Africa once dubbed the black continent continues unabated its trend of not satisfying needs and aspirations of its especially the youths and it's underdeveloped citizens . The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats confronting African Nations require now solutions and pooling of... Read more

  • COVID -19 increases Obstetric Fistula in Teenage Girls in Uganda

    Kampala, Uganda Health & Fitness 08 May 2022

    Obstetric Fistula is a condition that leads with continuous and uncontrollable leakage of urine with strange smell, stool or both, due to obstructed labour and the lack of treatment. In teenage girls, the problem occurs due to weak or tender bones that tear easily during birth. The problem affects... Read more

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