Rockville, United States of America Cultural 03 Mar 2024

    The story of South Sudan over a decade now has been centered on the conflict and it's devastating impact on the citizens. It is interesting to state that not all regions within the country's ten states are experiencing conflict. These areas are relatively peaceful with numerous tourism and... Read more

  • Photo of Joseph Maramba
    Joseph Maramba
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    The 6th edition of the Johannesburg Film Festival

    Johannesburg, South Africa Film & Theatre 03 Mar 2024

    A vibrant film and television industry is what one can describe the South African film industry. It has been known to churn out Hollywood-quality actors and films that captivate audiences all around the globe. This year's festival will see workshops that will assist young filmmakers without... Read more

  • GECF 7th Summit - Algiers

    Algiers, Algeria Current Affairs 03 Mar 2024

    Full coverage of 7th Gas Exporting Countries Forum hosted by Algeria in March 2nd, 2024. Read more

  • Preserving Clay Pot Handcrafting in Kampong Chhnang Province.

    Krong Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia Cultural 16 Mar 2024

    Story outline: This story is about the clay pot handicraft tradition of several families left in Kampong Chhang province who continue to produce clay pots to supply the demand from the local market. Most clay pot handicrafters started at the age of 12, learning step by step from their parents... Read more

  • Photo of Delali Adogla-Bessa
    Delali Adogla-Bessa
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    Urban transport in Ghana has not learned to serve people with physical disabilities

    Accra, Ghana Social 01 May 2024

    About 1 million of Ghana’s 30 million population has a physical challenge. Many of such people have been left with the most difficult option possible when it comes to navigating the increasingly more congested urban centres. Sidewalks are cluttered with hawkers in some parts or poorly maintained... Read more

  • Unravelling Liberia’s Fishing Paradox: Resurgence of Rubber Nets and Its Implications for Sustainable Fishing

    Monrovia, Liberia Investigative Reporting 20 May 2024

    An investigative report that sheds light on the concerning issues of Liberia's fishermen reverting to the use of rubber nets, despite the government's 2021 initiative of providing free thread nets to promote sustainable fishing practices. This project examines the underlying reasons behind this... Read more

  • Freelance Video Editor / Animator Available

    Karachi, Pakistan Social 15 Aug 2024

    Hello, I am Irfan Haider - Video Editor / Animator, having 12+ extensive experience in my field. From documentaries to promos, news stories to TV shows, Video songs and Web Stories, I can provide all kinds of services related to Video Post Production. I have expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro,... Read more


    Narok, Kenya Business, Technology, Science & Environment, Climate Change 31 Aug 2024

    Parts of the Eastern Horn of Africa have endured consecutive seasons of little to no rainfall over the past two years, resulting in poor harvests of staple crops, including maize, and severe repercussions for both people and livestock. In 2022, an extended drought wreaked havoc across the Eastern... Read more

  • Prespektif Tiga Aspek Tipologi Pembelajaran Anak Didik Perlu Kolaborasi

    Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Media Training, Research, Risk Analysis, Social, Breaking News 21 Oct 2024

    Dalam Tipologi pembelajaran yang sesuai dapat membantu peserta didik untuk dapat lebih mengerti, memahami dan menyerap hasil belajar siswa, terbagi Tipologi tiga (3) hal (aspek), yakni: 1. Visual (penglihatan) 2. Auditori (pendengaran) 3. Kinestetik (gerak & praktek) Dari hal tersebut,... Read more

  • Photojournalist in Dubai

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Business, Film & Theatre, Sports, Music, War Reporter, Breaking News, Travel 31 Oct 2024

    I am a photographer, and photo editor I living in Dubai. I am interested in advertising photography and videos. I cover events, sports and everything related to photography. Ready to cooperate in traveling anywhere within the Middle East and Africa Read more

  • Organic Fertilizers, Eritrea and Sub-Saharan Africa

    Asmara, Eritrea Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Research, Social 01 Nov 2024

    By the year 2000 and beyond, Sub-Saharan Africa's population is projected to grow at over 3% per year, while food production is projected to grow at 2% or less per year. Filling this gap and increasing food production will require intensive agriculture based on advanced technologies, which ... Read more

  • Capturing Stories, Inspiring Audiences: Hornstories' Multimedia Excellence"

    Mogadishu, Somalia Current Affairs, Social, Cultural, Climate Change 12 Nov 2024

    🆘 Need help with humanitarian storytelling and media strategy? Hornstories is here for you! 💪🎥 Led by Ismail Taxta, the director and founder, Hornstories is a media and communications agency that specializes in creating impactful content through the power of storytelling. With a strong focus on... Read more


    Mogadishu, Somalia Business, Natural Disasters, Media Training, Social, Cultural, Climate Change 12 Nov 2024

    Hornstories is a multimedia company that offers a complete range of photography, videography, design, and media marketing services that enable the growth of your business. Horn Stories Limited was established as a media company in Somalia in 2010. Hornstories , founded by Ismail Taxta, is a... Read more

  • After COVID-19 crisis, a learning centre is using music therapy to heal at-risk street youths.

    Gulu, Uganda Investigative Reporting 02 Dec 2024

    When COVID-19 struck Uganda, a social worker a Professional dancer, and an ex-rebel abductee decided to start a social enterprise that uses music therapy, coupled with counseling sessions, to address mental health issues as well as vocational skills to uplift the economic well-being of the at-risk... Read more

  • Un raid américain tue des responsables de l’Etat islamique en Syrie

    Oakville, Canada Arts & Books 31 Dec 2024

    USCENTCOM Pour publication immédiate Le 11 décembre 2022 Numéro de version 20221211-09 Tampa, Florida- Le 11 décembre, à 2 h 57, heure locale, les forces du commandement central des États-Unis ont fait une descente d’hélicoptère dans l’est de la Syrie, tuant deux responsables de l’État... Read more

  • غارة أمريكية تقتل مسؤولي داعش في سوريا

    Oakville, Canada Breaking News 31 Dec 2024

    رقم الإصدار 20221211-09 للنشر الفوري USCENTCOM تامبا ، فلوريدا - نفذت قوات القيادة المركزية الأمريكية غارة ناجحة بطائرة هليكوبتر في شرق سوريا في الساعة 2:57 صباحًا بالتوقيت المحلي يوم 11 كانون الأول / ديسمبر ، مما أسفر عن مقتل اثنين من مسؤولي تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية ، بما في ذلك "أناس" ، وهو... Read more

  • الجزائر: التزوير الخطير واللامبالاة بماقايس التاريخ، والتشويش على شباب وأجيال أخرى قادمة

    Oakville, Canada Investigative Reporting 31 Dec 2024

    الجزائر: التزوير الخطير واللامبالاة بماقايس التاريخ، والتشويش على شباب وأجيال أخرى قادمة، والذين سوف يعرفون الحقائق حثما، وسوف ينجلي الظلم والظلام التاريخ لا يكذب ولكن حكام الجزائر يصنعون دولة بدون رسومات ولا مخطوطات ملموسة ، دولة وهمية بدون آثار أو حفريات او بقايا أثرية أو آي معالم حضرية او... Read more

  • Le Maroc et les Pays-Bas signent une "lettre d'intention"

    Oakville, Canada Breaking News 31 Dec 2024

    Le directeur général de la sécurité nationale et de la surveillance du territoire et le directeur de la police néerlandaise ont signé, mardi à Rabat, une "lettre d'intention" définissant les aspects et les formes de la coopération bilatérale dans divers domaines de sécurité d'intérêt commun. Cet... Read more

  • أبعاد خطيرة و إستراتيجية قد تكون عسكرية لزيارة لافروف الجزائر

    Oakville, Canada Investigative Reporting 31 Dec 2024

    قد تكون إشارة خطيرة من طرف بوتين، هذه الزيارة محتمل أن تكون لها دلالات وأبعاد على مستوى التحالفات الإقليمية، ويجب أخدها على محمل الجد لقراءة ما يدور داخل الكرملين، ومناورات تكتيكية لبوتين في إدارة قواعد الحرب الإستراتيجية مع أوكرانيا كما يجب التحضير لها من طرف الغرب والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية،... Read more

  • L'envoyé spécial de l'ONU Staffan de Mistura auprès du peuple sahraoui à Tindouf

    Oakville, Canada Investigative Reporting 31 Dec 2024

    Lors du témoignage des Sahraouis résidant dans les camps de Tindouf, il faut s'assurer que les agents de renseignement Algériens ne doivent ni s' intervenir, ni exercer de pression sur les Sahraouis de Tindouf. Depuis Longtemps l'Algérie contrôle le dossier et le destin des réfugiés des Sahraouis... Read more

  • Photo of Louis Loyata Tobias
    Louis Loyata Tobias
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    Signs of Future Conflict in Eastern Equatoria

    Juba, South Sudan Politics 31 Jan 2025

    One may even say that the major current struggle that runs through South Sudan, Eastern Equatoria State in particular is a conflict that was imported since the 1820s where a series of civil wars started or fought in Eastern Equatoria. The Arab slavery, Mahdist, colonial period, Sudan Islamic rule,... Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    Exmoor and the Peak District

    London, United Kingdom Travel 20 Feb 2025

    For decades I have been coming to these two of Britain’s most loved and unspoilt National Parks. My revisits never seem a repeat. It’s all about the innocence, the unspoilt landscape and the sense of yesteryear. Out on Exmoor there’s a sensory overload: the hills roll, the valleys swoop down and the... Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    London, United Kingdom Travel 20 Feb 2025

    No return visit is ever a repeat. After over twenty visits I now know with assurance the best tips and personal finds, the dos and the don’ts, to lend even to guidebooks as I share my affection for the churches, galleries, walks, markets, restaurants, hotels and shops. As an art historian I explore... Read more

  • Photo of Adam Jacot de Boinod
    Adam Jacot de Boinod
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    Greece’s Kefalonia

    London, United Kingdom Travel 20 Feb 2025

    The restricting impact of Covid made me suddenly zealous for this large, expansive idyll of a Greek island which I visited three times to explore its entirety. It’s relatively unscathed by tourists, unlike neighbouring Corfu and Zante as the locals are healthily indifferent to the need for a... Read more

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