Ikeja, Nigeria Business 18 May 2022

    PITCHER: QUADRI TAIWO VIDEO JOURNALIST : QUADRI TAIWO DELIVERY DATE/TIME: 18th May, 2022 SUGGESTED AIR DATE/TIME: TBD FORMAT: PKG LOCATION(S): Idiroko Border Crossing, a shop selling rice and other food products, Adeola`s office space/home, Market, Busy road with pedestrian. Offices... Read more


    Ikeja, Nigeria Health & Fitness 23 May 2022

    PITCHER: QUADRI TAIWO VIDEO JOURNALIST: Quadri Taiwo EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE/TIME: 23thrd May,2022 SUGGESTED AIR DATE/TIME: TBD FORMAT: IMAGE/SOUND LOCATION(S): Lagos; Eko Hotel Lobby; A street in Victoria Island, Professor Oyewale Tomori`s office/home. DESCRIPTION: What is the... Read more

  • Chelsea Flower Show 2022

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 25 May 2022

    Photo story of the 2022 Chelsea flower show Read more

  • Looking for work

    Manchester, United Kingdom Current Affairs, Cultural 31 May 2022

    Hello there! My name is Ziryan, I am based in the city of Manchester, over in the United Kingdom, and I am looking for work! Whilst my portfolio is small, I am flexible, and open to writing on a range of subjects. Please feel free to contact me on Read more

  • Photo of Priyanka Mukherjee
    Priyanka Mukherjee
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    Freedom of press in Kashmir

    Kashmir, India Politics 31 May 2022

    Journalists have long contended with various threats in Indian-administered Kashmir and found themselves caught between warring sides. But their situation has gotten dramatically worse since India revoked the region’s semi-autonomy in 2019, throwing it under a severe security and communication... Read more

  • The books that save me

    Mexico City, Mexico Politics, Current Affairs, Arts & Books, Social 31 May 2022

    Every day I find it harder to get up. Why would I want to if I have nowhere to go? For a month, the routine I have to invent myself. A month ago, when they asked me to resign from the job in which, just a day before, they had told me “we are very happy with what you are doing”; from the job he had... Read more

  • Photo of Trofim Guțanu
    Trofim Guțanu
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    Footage & interviews with refugees from Ukraine in Moldova I War în Ukraine

    Chisinau, Moldova Breaking News 01 Jun 2022

    We are ready to shoot reports,interviews and footage about ukrainian refugees in Republic of Moldova in context of curent Russian invasion în Ukraine. If you are a foreign News Agency or particular jurnalist, feel free to contact me. Read more

  • New TV series of famou train robber Ronnie Biggs to be made

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Entertainment & Celebrity 30 Jun 2022

    He pulled off with a gang the biggest train robbery of the 20th century ...was imprisoned,escaped to Paris,did plastic surgery,fled to Australia and eventually ended up in Rio de Janeiro. His stay for over 30 years was a continuing party of girlfriends,a Brazilian wife and child who was his ticket... Read more

  • Photo of Pablo Gutierrez
    Pablo Gutierrez
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    Ukrainian Exodus - From Slovakia to Romania

    Vienna, Austria Current Affairs, War Reporter, Investigative Reporting, Breaking News, Travel 15 Jul 2022

    Hello, I'm currently traveling from Slovakia to Romania, visiting multiple border crossings and interviewing countless Ukrainian refugees, the volunteers, who in practically a few hours responded, in various countries. This series of stories covers many topics: 1) The army of volunteers in... Read more

  • Photo of Syed Noor E Alam
    Syed Noor E Alam
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    Want to work with International News Media

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Politics, Current Affairs, Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Investigative Reporting, Research, Cultural, Breaking News, Climate Change 31 Jul 2022

    I am available to cover the political, economical, entertainment and culturul, social conditions of Bangladesh News and Views of Bangladesh. I am capable to cover those mentioned subjects news because I am a Senior journalist of Bangladesh. I worked different type of Online, Print and Electronic... Read more

  • Photo of Oleksii Kobzar
    Oleksii Kobzar
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    Everything about the Russian war against Ukraine

    Kyiv, Ukraine Breaking News 31 Jul 2022

    Hi there! My name is Oleksii Kobzar. I am a journalist and a producer from Ukraine. Nowadays, it is really important to spread the word about the current situation in my country. Therefore I'd like to offer my assistance to media outlets worldwide to produce the content you need. Feel free to... Read more

  • The Department of Archeology of the Government of Bangladesh is continuing the excavation work in Wari-Bateshwar area

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Research 30 Sep 2022

    Wari-Bateshwar is an archeological site of two villages, Wari and Bateshwar, located in Belabo and Shibpur upazilas of Narsingdi, 60 km northeast of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It is thought to be a fortified city located underground. According to experts, it is about two and a half... Read more

  • Afghanistan, half a year after the Taliban returned to power

    Kabul, Afghanistan Current Affairs 30 Sep 2022

    Good morning, After some intense weeks working in Afghanistan in text -and in some cases video- and with a fellow French photographer, Thibault Lefébure, we're looking for media that would like to publish our work. We have tried to understand the situation in the country six months after the... Read more

  • Photo of Natalya Mahonina
    Natalya Mahonina
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    Great Leap In IT Sphere

    Dnipro, Ukraine Business, Finance, Technology, Research 01 Nov 2022

    There are more and more IT companies in Dnipro working for foreign companies. I could make interviews with TOP workers and investigate the situation. It is the most popular sphere now where everyone here wants to work. What they do and how much they are paid — that`s what I can find out. And talk to... Read more

  • Photo of Daniel Kipchumba
    Daniel Kipchumba
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    Nakuru's Lake View residents live in fear, after near fatal frequent baboon attacks.

    Nakuru, Kenya Current Affairs 17 Nov 2022

    Residents of Lakeview ward in Nakuru City, Kenya live in fear of baboon attacks. This is after frequent cases of near fatal incidents by the baboon that cross over from Nakuru national park, to the neighboring residential areas. Several both adults and children have been injured seriously, as they... Read more

  • Photo of Daniel Kipchumba
    Daniel Kipchumba
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    Kenyan judiciary adopts alternative justice system, to beat case backlogs.

    Nakuru, Kenya Current Affairs 17 Nov 2022

    Courts in Kenya and particularly Nakuru City, have adopted alternative justice system in a bid to beat case backlogs in the formal court system. This move have brought together the community elders, police officers and the judiciary under one roof to seamlessly work together. This feature story will... Read more

  • Photo of Daniel Kipchumba
    Daniel Kipchumba
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    Backstreet abortion clinics, a danger to reproductive health in Kenya.

    Nakuru, Kenya Current Affairs 17 Nov 2022

    Backstreet abortions pauses a great risk to individuals, with a potential to affect reproductive health and totally cripple ability to bear children, if not fatal to the ones procuring. This feature story will take you deep into the informal settlements of Nakuru, talk to women who have procured... Read more

  • Photo of Géraud Wilfried OBANGOME
    Géraud Wilfried OBANGOME
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    Abus sexuels commis sur de jeunes footballeurs : le président de la fédération gabonaise arrêté (vidéo)

    Libreville, Gabon Sports 31 Dec 2022

    TITRE : Abus sexuels commis sur de jeunes footballeurs : le président de la fédération gabonaise arrêté (VIDEO). SCRIPT : Pierre-Alain Mounguengui, le président réélu de la Fédération gabonaise de football (Fegafoot), a été placé sous mandat de dépôt ce mercredi pour une « période de 10 jours... Read more

  • القضاء المصري يجهل تكريس مصطلح "الإزدراء" المصادق عليه في المحاكم والأعراف والقوانين عبر العالم وبين الدول

    Oakville, Canada Risk Analysis 31 Dec 2022

    الحكم على المستشار السابق أحمد عبده ماهر بالسجن 5 سنوات بتهمة ازدراء الأديان قرار حكم تعسفي القصد منه قمع وتخويف كل مفكر يفضح علماء الجهل والتظليل خريجي علماء الدين والفهم والفقه هم علماء الظلال وتفشي الجهل بالدول العربية ، هم سبب في تقهقر الأمة العربية حتى أصبح أولادنا يموتون غرقا في البحار... Read more

  • الأزهر يتربص بإستقلالية السلطة القضائية ونزاهتها

    Oakville, Canada Risk Analysis 31 Dec 2022

    ال20 مليار جنيه للموازنة من ميزانية الأزهر عجلت بنطق الحكم بالسجن على المستشار السابق السيد أحمد عبده ماهر هل حكومة دولة الأزهر هي من تحكم مصر، أم الحكم بيد الشعب المصري كما يدعي المنتخبون من طبقات الشعب؟ عندما يتحول مصير الكتاب والسياسين والمفكرين والمعارضين للحكم عليهم بالسجن، ويصبحون مصدر... Read more

  • إيران تهديد نووي بالخليج العربي كما هو شأن برنامج كوريا الشمالية النووي بآسيا

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Dec 2022

    إيران تخطو نموذج كوريا الشمالية لتهديد مصالح الدول العربية والخليجية بالمنطقة، وتفكيك مصالح الدول العربية والخليجية مع الغرب لصالح الداعمين الراعين لها في هذا الإتجاه وأخص بالذكر الصين وروسيا هذان الأمبراطوريتان يسعون من خلال ردع إيران المهدد للمنطقة إلى إحداث إتفاقيات إقتصادية بالقوة، وبمجرد... Read more

  • الحكم على المحامي أحمد عبده ماهر بالسجن خمس سنوات نافذة ودون إستاناف

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Dec 2022

    قضية احمد ماهر عبده بالتفاصيل بدأت وقائع الجلسة التي كان رقمها في الرول 157 بفض الحرز المقدم من النيابة وكان الحرز هو كتاب أحمد عبده ماهر ( أضلال الأمة بفقه الآمة) !!! فقط الكتاب !!!! عدد صفحات الكتاب 432 صفحة وقدمت النيابه أوراق القضية في 300 صفحة كما قدم المحامين خمسين حافظة مستندات مجموعهم... Read more

  • إستراتيجية بوتين العسكرية والإقتصادية، وخطته لتفكيك حلفاء الولايات المتحدة

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Dec 2022

    تهدف خطة بوتين منذ وصوله إلى الحكم بالإستباق نحو كسب حلفاء أقوياء من دول آسيا أولا، ونشر الترسنة الصاروخية الروسية بين هذه الدول، وبذلك يكون قد مهد إلى كسب هذه الدول في غالبية التعاملات الإقتصادية، والسيطرة على الطرق التجارية مع حليفه الأساسي الصين إستعمل لغة تقدم الترسنة الصاروخية الروسية... Read more

  • أي محاولات إصلاحية في لبنان لن تأتي بأي نتائج دون عزل سلاح حزب الله داخل لبنان

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Dec 2022

    يحاول حزب الله أن ينهج سياسة إيران العسكرية التكتيكية المعروفة لإيران في كل القضايا وتدخلاتها العسكرية والسياسية بالدول العربية، بما فيها المراوغة في الملف النووي ومفاوضات فارغة من الجدية بنهج التريط والهدوء وكسب الوقت إلى أن تبني ترسنة نووية، تماما كما فعلت كوريا الشمالية لبناء ترسنتها خروقات... Read more

  • المغرب احباط تفجيرا مزمعا

    Oakville, Canada Breaking News 31 Dec 2022

    قالت الحكومة المغربية يوم الجمعة إن أجهزة الأمن المغربية ألقت القبض على مشتبه في كونه من أنصار تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية يوم الخميس، ثم ذالك بالتنسيق مع أجهزة المخابرات الأمريكية نجاح تتويج هذا العمل أتى بنتائج إيجابية بفضل التنسيق الوثيق بين خدمات المديرية العامة للأمن الإقليمي (DGST) في المملكة... Read more

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