• GIMS ( Geneva International Motor Show) 2020

    Geneva, Switzerland Business 23 Feb 2020

    GIMS ( Geneva International Motor Show) 2020 starts soon. The media days are the 2,3 and 4th March. I am available to cover the show for you during these 3 days with my own video equipment. I can edit the stories on location with my own computer and transmitt in no time with a full English dope... Read more

  • Photo of Giray Poyraz Ürey
    Giray Poyraz Ürey
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    Khojaly massacre 28th anniversary

    İstanbul, Turkey Research 25 Feb 2020

    Remembering the victims of Khojaly... Azeris around the world have been remembering the 28th anniversary of the bloodiest episode in their country's recent history, when Azerbaijan says more than 600 civilians, including women and children, were killed. It is worth sharing the story of the wife... Read more

  • India visit of Donald Trump

    New Delhi, India Breaking News 26 Feb 2020

    I will be tracking the India visit of US President Donald Trump to India, starting February 24. I will be open to doing Skype and telephonic interviews, could send breaking news as well during Trump's visit to India. This would be president's first bilateral visit in the third decade of 21st... Read more

  • Photo of Ewelina Kawczynska
    Ewelina Kawczynska
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    Mobile World Congress 2020 Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain Technology 28 Feb 2020

    If you need a journalist, producer or a fixer for the biggest technology event in Barcelona I will be happy to help you. I covered the MWC for the last two years so I know how overwhelming it can be. It is a jungle for journalists but if you know how to move you won't get lost. Write me a message... Read more

  • Stories on koalas in Australian bushfires

    Brisbane City, Australia Science & Environment 29 Feb 2020

    Hi overseas editors, if you're interested in stories about koalas in the Australian bushfires, please get in touch to discuss specific pitches. Please no emails from other random journos asking me to help them find work or other things. Thanks. Read more

  • Photo of Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
    Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
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    Iraq's ongoing turmoil delays 2020 budget, threatens ailing economy

    Baghdad, Iraq Breaking News 29 Feb 2020

    Months-long turmoil in Iraq has delayed the approval of this year budget, threatening to impact the colossal task of rebuilding after a devastating war with the Islamic State group and to fuel the growing public anger over shabby services. With the government expenditure makes up nearly 80 percent... Read more

  • Photo of Nangayi Guyson
    Nangayi Guyson
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    Uganda's Poor Waste Management Policy Turning Kampala into a City of illegal Dumping

    Kampala, Uganda Science & Environment 29 Feb 2020

    Late this December, five men pushing wooden wheelbarrows full of garbage to an illegal dumping site in a Kampala suburb got into a scuffle with the landowner and their wheelbarrows were confiscated for illegal dumping. Scuffles about illegal dumping are very common in all slum areas of Uganda’s... Read more

  • Photo of Alan Hernández Pastén
    Alan Hernández Pastén
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    The Mexican women who raps against femicide in the most dangerous place in Mexico City

    Mexico City, Mexico Cultural 29 Feb 2020

    Mexican MC Jezzy P is an exciting and respected voice in rap at Ecatepec, the most dangerous place for females in Mexico. But Jessica Roldán, her real name, is doing more than just music to empower women within the monster itself, she has become a leader in the community trough hip-hop culture,... Read more

  • Photo of David Nyokang'i
    David Nyokang'i
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    Corona virus Suspicion in Nairobi,Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Medical 29 Feb 2020

    A Kenyan student from Guangzhou China has been isolated at KNH after being suspected to have symptoms similar to Corona virus. KQ passenger from Guangzhou have after arriving at JKIA in Nairobi shown symptoms of the virus and immediately rushed to KNH for check.The suspect has been sequestrated for... Read more

  • Paris International Agriculture Fair hopes to regain consumer confidence - Paris, February 22 - March 1.

    Paris, France Current Affairs 01 Mar 2020

    Amidst the rise of criticism against Farmers, the Paris International Agriculture Fair will open its 57th edition on February 22nd with the hopes to renew dialogue and confidence with consumers. This popular fair with more than 630 000 visitors wishes to prove that practices are evolving more... Read more

  • Xpeng Motors Chinese EV startup and Tesla competitor interview with Vice President Brian Gu

    Guangzhou, China Business 01 Mar 2020

    “This is a critical juncture for Xpeng Motors because we are about to launch and deliver our second model which in the Chinese EV startup world not many companies achieve that back when I started there were dozens if not hundreds of companies saying they were going to produce EVs few have even test... Read more

  • Spain will create a national strategy of garbage fishing due the avalanche of waste that arrives at the sea.

    Barcelona, Spain Climate Change 03 Mar 2020

    The Spanish coast testify to the aggravation of the problem since the amount of plastic waste on the beaches grew 65% in six years, according to the latest balance of the Marine Garbage Monitoring Program of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. A unique fact within the European Union is that... Read more

  • Australian Bushfires

    Brisbane City, Australia Investigative Reporting 03 Mar 2020

    Pending title: Bushfires in Australia - the economic and environmental impact A.1 Interview Professor Chris Dickman, an expert on Australian biodiversity at the University of Sydney, who estimates half a billion animals have been killed in the bushfires. [B.1] Understand how he came to that... Read more

  • Photo of Ruth Esther Namatovu
    Ruth Esther Namatovu
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    Kampala, Uganda Science & Environment 16 Mar 2020

    Africa has faced difficulties in administering property rights for many years. Manual processing of requests and complex procedures have been leading to fraud, delays and errors, undermining the effectiveness of administering and securing property rights for citizens- hence the land conflicts. In... Read more

  • Photo of Marina Oliveto
    Marina Oliveto
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    Filmmaker, 360 Filmmaker and Breaking News

    Lisbon, Portugal Breaking News 31 Mar 2020

    I am a freelance Filmmaker and 360 Filmmaker based in German andPortugal. I am available to cover breaking news and to produce theme based short documentaries and news package and 360 production. Read more

  • Is Africa the richest continent?

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 31 Mar 2020

    Africa is a key territory on the global map. Rich in oil and natural resources, the continent holds a strategic position. Rich inn oil and natural resources, Africa is the world’s fastest-growing region for foreign direct investment. It has approximately 3percent of the earth’s remaining mineral... Read more

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    Living in toxic

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Science & Environment 31 Mar 2020

    "We can’t stop breathing. But we can do something about the quality of our air" I am pleased to enclose here my proposal on a feature story news (video) called “Living in toxic” about Air. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank You. About: Bangladesh has the most polluted air in the... Read more

  • Photo of Diarmuid Sherry
    Diarmuid Sherry
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    True Lives of Strippers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    Ciudad Real, Spain Cultural 01 Apr 2020

    In an interview with Christina and Nastya, two previous strippers from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; they explain some of the most memorable aspects of their job, positive and negative. Themes include origins, family relations, men, life goals and the links between Americans and money. Read more

  • Photo of Diarmuid Sherry
    Diarmuid Sherry
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    Autism in Kyrgyzstan and the positive impact of a young British couple

    Ciudad Real, Spain Cultural 01 Apr 2020

    Article exploring the work of an Autism organisation in Kyrgyzstan, a country where there is an underlying stigma against Autism and the positive work by a young British couple to help advance the system of education of young Kyrgyz autistic children. Read more

  • Where is our household happiness?

    Islamabad, Pakistan Social 08 Apr 2020

    This piece traces the patterns of discontent and disturbance in our society at the level of family. It peeks into issues like traumatic childhoods and psychological setbacks of unhealthy family environments with the help of common stories and stats. It can leave readers with a more active insight on... Read more

  • The Southern Africa is in a Climate emergency

    Harare, Zimbabwe Training 14 Apr 2020

    The climate emergency is a growing threat particularly to the most vulnerable, and a particular threat to the long-term health, safety and prosperity of people in Southern Africa. Southern Africa is facing massive famine this year. This is a result of change of seasons due to shift of climate and... Read more

  • Hope in Haiti

    Indianapolis, United States of America Natural Disasters 30 Apr 2020

    A decade ago an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti and changed millions of lives. Many stories cover the devastation and lack of improvement over the past ten years. In the town of Fondwa 16 miles (26km) from the epicenter there is a story of hope. US-based Zanmi Fondwa ("Friends of Fondwa") has... Read more

  • Photo of Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell
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    UK's first spaceport planned in sleepy north coast of Scotland village

    Tongue, United Kingdom Science & Environment 31 May 2020

    In August 2018, the UK government announced that they had selected a site near Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, UK to be the site of the UK's first spaceport. For the crofters (farmers) of nearby Melness, who jointly own the site, it's 'Rockets Galore' - as the spaceport will turn a sleepy north coast... Read more

  • A Billion Reasons To Believe In Pan Africanism .

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 01 Jun 2020

    Pan-Africanism is a worldwide intellectual movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent. ... At its core Pan-Africanism is "a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a... Read more

  • Will Portugal bite a big chunk of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, again, or give it away to China?

    Lisbon, Portugal Science & Environment 07 Jun 2020

    The 2020 UN Conference will take place in Lisbon (June 2-6) and Ocean is on top of the agenda, even beyond the Goal 14. Based in Lisbon and well immersed in the Blue Economy at large, from the industry perspective as well as from the academic, tourism and recreational segments; please refer to my... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    What the World Kneads Now: The International Diploma in German Bread Baking

    München, Germany Food & Drink 30 Jun 2020

    Imagine the springy warmth of a yeast dough, steaming-fresh from the oven, or the crunchy crust of a whole-wheat sour-dough bread bristling with toasted sunflower seeds, or the delicate, buttery flakes of a fine puff-pastry twist. Or an enormous pretzel worthy of the Oktoberfest, studded with salt... Read more

  • Photo of Mohammad Zubair khan
    Mohammad Zubair khan
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    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great.

    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Natural Disasters 01 Jul 2020

    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great. Kalash tribes are known as lost sons of Alexander, famous for the unique culture and... Read more

  • Thriving For Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Zimbabwe

    Harare, Zimbabwe Arts & Books 04 Aug 2020

    According to science almost 4.5 billion years ago, our planet formed from a cloud of gases. Those gases solidified. A thin outer crust formed, and an atmosphere developed. Since its birth, Earth has been morphing in ways big and small. And ever since the first inklings of life arose, some 3.8... Read more

  • Rebuild Africa Initiative needs your assistance to see light

    Harare, Zimbabwe Breaking News 25 Aug 2020

    As Rebuild Africa our heart is bleeding for betterment of Africa. Africa once dubbed the black continent continues unabated its trend of not satisfying needs and aspirations of its especially the youths and it's underdeveloped citizens. The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats... Read more

  • Early marriages in western kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Cultural 01 Sep 2020

    Early Marriages in Rural Kenya and Informal Settings For a long period in my life, I struggled to understand why my parents never wanted my family to stay in our ancestral home except on vacations. My six siblings and I felt overly important each fortnight of the family vacation. We were the... Read more

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