• Will Brazil's most popular president be barred from running in 2018 Election? The people's response.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Politics 25 Jan 2018

    Just three decades ago, Brazil emerged from decades of dictatorship and became a democracy. And in 2003 Brazil - a country the size of a continent, with a shocking level of social inequality - elected it's first socialist President. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - or Lula as he is lovingly known. A... Read more

  • Video: Syrian baker expands production after surge in demand for traditional bread

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom Current Affairs, Food & Drink, Social, Cultural, 360 Videography 26 Jan 2018

    A Syrian baker is expanding his operation in Edinburgh after a surge in demand for his traditional bread. Abdullah Razzouk, who fled Syria in 2009 before setting set up in Taza Bake in Scotland in August 2014, uses a 5000-year-old recipe for the Khobez bread. He is also introducing Manakesh,... Read more

  • Photo of Ulises Izquierdo
    Ulises Izquierdo
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    Barcelona is not Catalonia

    Barcelona, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Social 26 Jan 2018

    After a heated confrontation between Catalonia and Spain, the catalan society seems to be back on track with its normality amidst a political framework that is still as complicated as usual. Among different discussions about the future of the region and whether independence can be achieved... Read more

  • Photo of Martin Trabalík
    Martin Trabalík
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    Presidental Elections in Czech Republic

    Prague, Czech Republic Politics 27 Jan 2018

    There are currently 9 candidates for the position of the next Czech president. First round of elections will take place 12.-13. of January. If none of the candidates will win over 50% of votes, two strongest candidates will meet in the second round 26.-27. of January. I can cover both events, make... Read more

  • Photo of Katja Lihtenvalner
    Katja Lihtenvalner
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    GREECE: The saga over Macedonia naming dispute continues

    Athina, Greece Politics 27 Jan 2018

    Reportedly few hundreds of thousands of Greeks in the second biggest city of Thessaloniki rallied on Sunday to protest against the use of the name “Macedonia” by its Northern neighbour. Greek authorities claim the name Macedonia implies a territorial claim over its own northern region of the same... Read more

  • Three Foreigners Doing Business In Guangzhou

    Guangzhou Shi, China Business 31 Jan 2018

    This work was finished in September 2017. Movie clips of Three Foreigners Doing Business in Guangzhou: According to "The History of the Port of Guangzhou," Panyu (Guangzhou's original name) began to grow as a port city in the Qin and Han dynasties (before Christ). As... Read more

  • Is the Resistance Freeing Women to Speak About Sexual Harassment?

    Scranton, United States of America Social 31 Jan 2018

    Our Radio show: Perspectives - Veterans and Families Today, political action and sexual harassment with a coed, a married and pregnant activist and Martin and me Read more

  • Extremism rise in Pakistan

    Karachi, Pakistan Politics 31 Jan 2018

    Religious extremists factors given tough time to elected government, recently federal Government faced tough time during sit-in of 22 days in capital city Islamabad over issue related slightly amendment in oath by member of parliament. Sit-in continued 22 day and ended after mediation chief of army... Read more

  • Home for the Dead

    New Delhi, India Current Affairs 31 Jan 2018

    Close to India's most sacred Ganges river lies a home where many come to stay for a 90 day period. The condition of their stay: They must die within the stipulated period. Hindus believe if they die in Varanasi, considered among the most ancient cities in the world, there will be no rebirth. I have... Read more

  • Photo of Farai Chirimumimba
    Farai Chirimumimba
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    Suppressing electoral violence in Zimbabwe

    Harare, Zimbabwe Current Affairs 31 Jan 2018

    Violence has been woven through the intricate fabric of Zimbabwe’s political history in various forms which include murder, beatings, rape, death threats, abductions, arbitrary arrests, torture, forced displacement, property damage, harassment, intimidation and terror. It has been used as the weapon... Read more

  • The death of Lavender - Xylella - How it will/could change the English garden.

    Littlehampton, United Kingdom Science & Environment 31 Jan 2018

    Xylella (Xylella fastidiosa) The science Xylella fastidiosa (X. fastidiosa) is a bacterium which causes disease in a wide range of woody commercial plants such as grapevine, citrus and olive plants, several species of broadleaf trees widely grown in the UK, and many herbaceous plants. The... Read more

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    Kampala, Uganda Social 31 Jan 2018

    It is a hot Wednesday afternoon in Kamwokya, a Kampala Suburb and after having my lunch meal I decide to maraud the city in search of fresh air. For some unsound reason, my intuition directs me to Mengo another Kampala suburb. As one loyal to my instincts, I concur and Mengo it is. As I... Read more

  • Photo of Nicolas Muñoz
    Nicolas Muñoz
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    Utopia Project

    Antarctica Science & Environment 31 Jan 2018

    Pitch: Former industrial engineer combat climate change with art Fully Produced Summary Turning back the clock on climate change is scientifically impossible, but Joaquin Fargas might just try on a poetic quest. Fargas has designed innovative Glaciar-Protector that he plans to install at... Read more

  • Photo of Julius Mugambwa
    Julius Mugambwa
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    Uganda makes sudden u-turn against genetically modified crops

    Kampala, Uganda Science & Environment 01 Feb 2018

    Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni has refused to sign a bill to allow commercial production of genetically modified crops arguing that GMs threaten the existence of indigenous crops and he questioned the monopoly patent rights given to seed producers. Ugandan is on the record for having the most... Read more

  • Photo of AHMED ALEX OMAH
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    A Well Packaged 2017 Budget, Road to Recovery

    Ikeja, Nigeria Finance 01 Feb 2018

    • MAN, IOPN, and NEPC tasks FMITI, FG on the Need for a National Policy on Packaging. • Government Policies Inimical to the Growth of the Packaging Industry. It is no longer news that the prevailing economic recession in Nigeria has led to an unprecedented high inflationary trend, with the... Read more

  • Photo of Clothilde Goujard
    Clothilde Goujard
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    Anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting

    Montréal, Canada Current Affairs 02 Feb 2018

    On Jan. 29, 2017, Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City, killing six and injuring several other faithful with kids among them. A year after, commemorations will be held in Quebec City. Bissonnette's trial will start in March 28, 2018. Despite much outcry, he will not be... Read more

  • Photo of Elizia Volkmann
    Elizia Volkmann
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    Big Wave of “Occupy” style protests start today

    Tunis, Tunisia Current Affairs 03 Feb 2018

    Activists met yesterday to live-cast a meeting planning the next round of protests for this week in Tunis and across Tunisia following the protests leading up to the anniversary of the 2011 Tunisian revolution on January 14th. The cost of living and spiralling debt is hitting even the middle... Read more

  • Photo of Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere
    Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere
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    CHP Congress

    Ankara, Turkey Politics, Current Affairs 04 Feb 2018

    The biggest opposition party in Turkey, the Republican's People Party (CHP) will hold its party congress on 3-4 February in Ankara. This will give important insights on how the CHP plans to campaign for the upcoming elections both municipal and presidential. Even if these are scheduled for 2019,... Read more

  • Photo of Katja Lihtenvalner
    Katja Lihtenvalner
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    A significant crackdown on Nazis Golden Dawn, the trial still ongoing

    Athina, Greece Politics 07 Feb 2018

    According to the latest public survey, some 6% of Greeks still believe Nazis Golden Dawn should represent them in the parliament. However, the internal conflicts between high-ranking Golden Dawn officials, and ongoing trial against the 69 party’s members and supporters (including MP’s and... Read more

  • Photo of Katja Lihtenvalner
    Katja Lihtenvalner
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    US to intervene in a fight over a fish territory in Balkans? Slovenia-Croatia border dispute, third player joined.

    Ljubljana, Slovenia Politics 10 Feb 2018

    During the Christmas season when Slovenia began fully implementing the border arbitration award, presented on June 29, 2017 by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague, the ongoing tensions between two former Yugoslavian countries confirm, that the border settlement will take more time. In the... Read more

  • Photo of Johan Verheyden
    Johan Verheyden
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    Upcoming elections in Mali

    Bamako, Mali Politics 15 Feb 2018

    Mali is entering an electoral cycle comprising local and regional elections and presidential and legislative elections in 2018. Mali has struggled to deal with insurgents and sectarian infighting this year despite international military interventions and a 2015 peace deal, and much of the country’s... Read more


    Kampala, Uganda Current Affairs 23 Feb 2018

    EALA Parliament kicks off in Kampala City with lots of issues to discuss, including regional business and how to help their local communities produce what products that are marketable. Read more

  • The Tales of Saudi Female Tour Guides - Powerful Female Narraitves of Saudi Culture, Histroy And Ar

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Current Affairs, Film & Theatre, Cultural, 360 Videography 28 Feb 2018

    The ancient villages and venerable holy cities have been for centuries the emblem of Saudi culture and lifestyle. Since the 90s women in Saudi have been providing tours unofficially and unlicensed while mentoring young male tour guides who then get official licenses more easily. Indeed, female... Read more

  • Photo of Océane Apffel Font
    Océane Apffel Font
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    Interview to Brenda Milner (99 years old) founder of neuropsychology

    Montréal, Canada Science & Environment 28 Feb 2018

    Interview to Brenda Milner (99 years old) founder of neuropsychology. Milner has been called the founder of neuropsychology,[and has proven to be an essential key in its development. She received the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience “for the discovery of specialized brain networks for memory and... Read more

  • Photo of Jasvinder Sehgal
    Jasvinder Sehgal
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    Toilet Man Of India

    Jaipur, India Social 01 Mar 2018

    An estimated 2.3 billion people worldwide live without toilets... and 60% of them are Indians. One in every two people in Indian defecates in the open, according to the most recent Indian census. This week, we meet one man who is taking on the epic challenge of India’s sanitation crisis..... Dr... Read more

  • Iranians interested in Albania

    Tiranë, Albania Investigative Reporting 01 Mar 2018

    Iranians looks like are interested in Albania. Data coming from show that two of the most important news outlets in Albania have a growing audience from Iran, strange for a Balkan country and not adding it never happened before. Read more

  • Photo of Tatiana Gomozova
    Tatiana Gomozova
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    Russian Presidential Exelction 2018

    Moskva, Russia Politics 19 Mar 2018

    The election campaign will start later but we already have some qs and inputs such as - will Mr. Putin will run for it, who will be his opponents (or "opponents") etc. I can start to tell about it right now and anyway I'll be here at the Election Night :) Last 3 elexx I was an election officer so... Read more

  • The Biz Lounge

    London, United Kingdom Finance 30 Mar 2018

    I produce a daily 2 minute video for UK investors in stocks - looking at a particular stock, and 'big boss' focus - from business, sports, showbiz, etc. The aim of the videos is to make investing ideas available to non-professional investors in a friendly and easy to access format. Read more

  • Photo of Bedeskoe Tumbay
    Bedeskoe Tumbay
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    Tuition Assistance Provided to Children of Visually Impaired

    Monrovia, Liberia Investigative Reporting 01 Apr 2018

    MONROVIA, Montserrado – Primary school education is one of the building blocks of life. However, for children living in poverty in Liberia, the likelihood of accessing and completing their primary school education cycle is substantially reduced. Those chances are even worse for children of... Read more

  • Photo of Aymara Defeche
    Aymara Defeche
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    Haley Viloria Surprising the world With its extraordinary body flexibility in the Cirque Du Soleil

    Liège, Belgium Cultural 11 May 2018

    Viloria is a young talented American artist daughter of Venezuelan father and American mother, at 25 years of age, has seven surprising the world with its extraordinary body flexibility. He has worked in important circuses of international renown, such as Cirque du Soleil. The secret of her... Read more

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