• Open to Assignment: Anywhere in Saudi Arabia for Two Weeks

    Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia Investigative Reporting 23 Jun 2017

    09JUN17: Due to end of teaching contract and waiting for Final Exit visa clearance to leave Saudi Arabia, I have two weeks beginning this date instant with no work commitments. This is unusual as journalists are usually heavily monitored in this country but my position as a teacher has allowed me... Read more

  • World's most expensive tea gardens under threat as violence engulfs Indian hills

    New Delhi, India/ Darjeeling, India Cultural 23 Jun 2017

    Continued violence have gripped the hills of Darjeeling in India's eastern Bengal state, impacting some of the world's most expensive tea gardens. Supplies and packaging have been hit severely because of the violence that has left over four dead and over 100 injured. Producers of tea gardens are... Read more

  • Hindus and cremation

    Nairobi, Kenya Social, Cultural 24 Jun 2017

    Most Kenyan Asians practice Hinduism as a religion and live according to its tenets that include a simple funeral rite involving cremation of corpses and a plain memorial service. In most towns and cities where they settle, they set up dedicated crematoriums for their communities to address this... Read more

  • Fish farming revolution

    Nairobi, Kenya Business, Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Social 24 Jun 2017

    For centuries, inhabitants of the region surrounding Lake Victoria have relied on fishing as a source of livelihood. However, over the last 50 years a population explosion, pollution and the water hyacinth weed have made this economic activity increasingly unprofitable. The government has made... Read more

  • Photo of Dominic Valitis
    Dominic Valitis
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    Glastonbury - the world's largest greenfield festival - underway amid tight security.

    Somerset, United Kingdom Current Affairs, Arts & Books, Music, Cultural 24 Jun 2017

    Glastonbury - the world's largest greenfield festival - is now underway amid enhanced security and record temperatures. The first of an estimated 200,000 people began arriving at the site in the South West of England yesterday. Nearly 40 people were treated by paramedics due to the searing heat.... Read more

  • Photo of Antonio Martins Neto
    Antonio Martins Neto
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    Journalist/videojournalist (Brazilian Portuguese and English) available to cover the Fire in Portuga

    Lisboa, Portugal Natural Disasters 25 Jun 2017

    Journalist/Videojournalist (Brazilian Portuguese and English) available for Fire in Portugal. With video equipment Read more

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    ISIS expansion in Mauritania

    Mauritania Politics 30 Jun 2017

    Mauritanian blogger Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mkheitir was sentenced to death for apostasy in December 2014 by the Tribunal de Nouadhibou in northern Mauritania. The Nouadhibou Court of Appeal confirmed this decision in April 2016. But the Mauritanian Supreme Court referred the case to the Court of... Read more

  • Life in Cuba after Fidel Castro's death.

    New York, United States of America Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    I traveled to Cuba recently to report on what life is like for Cubans after the death of Fidel Castro. Also writing on the issue of Cuba's race issue as it affects Black Cubans Also writing on energy, and oil issues, as well as aviation as U.S. flights return to Cuba after more than 50 years. Photos... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    Healing with past life regression when your logical brain can't let go

    London, United Kingdom Paranormal 30 Jun 2017

    FORVING UNDER HYPNOSIS Teaser: Healing with past life regression when your logical brain can't let go Story details: How can we help combat our guilty feelings, and accept them when they’re important, but let them go more easily when they’re not? 'I want you to tell me the very first... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    London, United Kingdom Social 30 Jun 2017

    Teaser: Being an escort girl has put me off marriage Age of case study: 30 Story details: Kelly used to work as a social aid giving soup and blankets to street prostitutes when her curiosity made her become an escort girl. ‘I wanted to understand why men paid for sex,’ she said.... Read more

  • Photo of Alex Kathy Katayi
    Alex Kathy Katayi
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    Children in the gold mines!

    Kampala, Uganda Social 30 Jun 2017

    In Uganda children are becoming visible in the gold mines. Many of them have dried up courses to work in the quarries in the eastern part of the country. There they engage in the artisanal mining of gold. The conditions of work are deplorable, they work without protection exposed to dangers. Every... Read more

  • Brexit Is Good

    Tralee, Ireland Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    The common perception is that Brexit can only be bad for Ireland. Ireland is thought to be so closely tied to Britain that Brexit will only damage the economy and the peace process. Have another look at Brexit and Ireland. See how Brexit can only benefit a country that will be the only English... Read more

  • Cooling apparels

    Kerala, India Technology 30 Jun 2017

    A new invention which could attract the millions of people living in the extreme climate . A student at the national Institute of Fashion Technology has come out with a new apparel which could control heat . Suggesting a Video story about the invention Read more

  • The status of the EU students in UK universities after Brexit

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    European students pay the same tuition fees as UK students to UK high education institutions which are 50% lower than international student fees. But what will happen after the UK-EU divorce? Will EU students continue to have these privileges? Based on an initial research, many EU students express... Read more

  • The Voices In My Head Keep Me Sane

    Tralee, Ireland Medical 30 Jun 2017

    Some people can remember the date and time of first hearing voices in their head. It is a clear onset and one that is not easily forgotten. For Brian Hartnett though it was much more gradual, creeping up on him, filling his head and taking over his life. Brian went through a living hell with his... Read more

  • The Milkman From Queens Delivers In Ireland

    Tralee, Ireland Business 30 Jun 2017

    Five mornings a week Chris Maloney delivers fresh milk in the bottle to the homes of Tralee, Ireland regardless of the weather. What makes this scene even more unusual is that the milkman is from Queens, New York and the milk comes from his own dairy, the one he built in his yard. Chris Maloney met... Read more

  • Fighting Parkinsons One Day At A Time

    Tralee, Ireland Medical 30 Jun 2017

    Parkinson’s is a brain disorder, resulting from the early loss of dopamine-producing nerve cells from deep within the brain. Dave Walsh was diagnosed with the condition when just 40 years of age. He went through hell, including depression and suicide attempts but now ten years later few people are... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    My Life as a WIndow Prostitute in Amsterdam

    London, United Kingdom Social 30 Jun 2017

    R. has spent 19 years working as a window prostitute and recently retired. In this article, she bares it all... speaking about marriage to an economist, her son, falling in love with clients, buying houses and cars, her religious family members and being arrested. Read more

  • Dissidents in Caracas

    Caracas, Venezuela Investigative Reporting 30 Jun 2017

    Exclusive ITW made with local crew on site. Native language in spanish. Itw at the moment: Nicmer Evans (one of the most important dissidents in the country) Staycy Escalona's sister on political prisoners. ITW have been shot on site by local crew (not by me), for further info/dopesheet... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    Obese Woman Celebrates a 12-Year Mark of Her Gastric Bypass Surgery by Keeping the Weight Off

    London, United Kingdom Health & Fitness 30 Jun 2017

    Teaser At 60, woman is happy to be alive and healthy 12 years after having weight loss surgery Story details When the nurse asked me to step on one of those big scales with huge numbers placed in the waiting room, I simply refused it. It was pointless weighting me. I was there because of... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    London, United Kingdom Paranormal 30 Jun 2017

    Teaser Professor of Psychology and reknown researcher on children's reincarnation talks about one of his best cases Story details It was September 1996 when I first went to Sri Lanka to meet the girl’s parents. They lived in a small town called Bakamuna. I was investigating cases of children... Read more

  • The Finnish product that will replace plastic

    Helsinki, Finland Science & Environment 30 Jun 2017

    The Sulapac innovation is based on woodchip and natural adhesive and it's completely biodegradable. It intends to change the dominance of plastic in the world of packaging and compete in the same market as plastic. This year Sulapac has already collected one million euros in funding. It was... Read more

  • Photo of Michael Sandelson
    Michael Sandelson
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    Asylum, immigration, and integration in Finland

    Helsingfors, Finland Politics, Current Affairs, Social 30 Jun 2017

    As Europe continues to experience an influx of refugees from war-torn and other countries, Finland's asylum seeker application numbers are sinking after seeing the highest figures of all the Nordic Countries. Peaceful demonstrations between locally-supported asylum seekers and pro-close Finland's... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    Trump resistance groups continue to form across Europe

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social 30 Jun 2017

    MADRID - From Madrid to Warsaw, expatriates from the United States together with concerned Europeans organize to oppose the 45th American President thousands of kilometers from the White House. Learning lessons from the Tea Party and their actions against the government of Barrack Obama, these... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    European citizens not so polarized towards refugees, polls suggest

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Research, Social 30 Jun 2017

    While the political arena shows a deep division regarding the openness of Europe towards migrants, studies evince a different reality among it’s citizens. Germany, the UK and Spain are among the leaders in indexes for most welcoming populations for asylum seekers. Private donors from Spain and The... Read more

  • Photo of Julian Jackson
    Julian Jackson
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    Lee Miller - from surrealism to war and back again

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 30 Jun 2017

    Lee Miller - Vogue model, surrealist muse, and one of the first female war correspondents, she led an astounding life, and has now been almost forgotten. Born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1907, she was an amazing woman who led an incredible life, then drifted into obscurity: a 1920's supermodel,... Read more

  • Moussa Castle: A single-handed miracle

    Beirut, Lebanon Film & Theatre, Cultural 01 Jul 2017

    When Moussa's teacher asked him to draw his dream, he sketched a castle. The teacher ripped the drawing into pieces and told him he was good for nothing. Having been mocked by his teacher, friends and girlfriend, Moussa was determined to prove everyone wrong. Over 21,900 days, Moussa completed with... Read more

  • Photo of Hadiza Muhammed Batu
    Hadiza Muhammed Batu
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    Security meeting

    Gombe, Nigeria Current Affairs 01 Jul 2017

    Security meeting was held on the 25-04-2017 between the traditional rulers of southern Borno, northeast Nigeria,and Nigeria Military, This meeting is between the traditional rulers,district heads and leaders of various ethnic groups in the southern Borno, where formerly was engulfed by the tragic... Read more

  • Exiled by Force

    San Salvador, El Salvador Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting 01 Jul 2017

    Salvadoran Youth Fleeing the Violence Tens of thousands of Salvadorans, among them large numbers of unaccompanied minors, feel they have no choice but to flee the country. Most try to reach the United States and apply for asylum, but many only get as far as Mexico,... Read more

  • Photo of Calistus Bosaletswe
    Calistus Bosaletswe
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    Botswana purchase military Gripen Aircrafts from Sweden despite Botswana's opposition parties petet

    Gaborone, Botswana Politics 04 Jul 2017

    Botswana has defended their intention to purchase military Gripen Aircrafts from Sweden a week after opposition parties in Botswana petitioned Sweden government to block any purchase of the expensive Gripen Aircrafts arguing that such money can be used to address high unemployment rate among youth... Read more

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