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    Adapting and saving jobs in the midst of a pandemic

    Johannesburg, South Africa Business, Current Affairs, Social, Travel 23 Apr 2021

    A Johannesburg restaurant owner lost her business in the aftermath of the first wave of the pandemic. But a little over a year later, Mphutsako Majoro is still generating revenue in the same premises - but this time, manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment including face masks and shields. The... Read more

  • Photo of Matuba Mahlatjie
    Matuba Mahlatjie
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    Inside South Africa's gender reassignment government-sponsored programme

    Pretoria, South Africa Current Affairs, Technology, Medical, Social, Cultural 23 Apr 2021

    South Africa is the first African country to legally endorse same-sex unions. Now, it’s become the only country on the continent with two of its public hospitals offering gender reassignment for transgender people. We’d like to document a transman known as Truncle Thomars, originally from Zimbabwe,... Read more

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    Hafida BENYACOUB
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    La mobilité en Europe: Le train deviendrait le moyen plus sain et rapide à utiliser?

    Brussels, Belgium Science & Environment 25 Apr 2021

    Aujourd'hui, la protection de l'environnement, le green-deal européen laisse à penser que la mobilité se passe par le train. L'Europe consacre cette année à l'usage du rail depuis sa naissance au Pays de Galles. Si des études ont démontré que ce transport ne dépensait pas de décarbonatation, donc... Read more

  • When there is crises(COVID-19), we know that girls are hardest hit due to harmful social norms and double discrimination

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Finance, Politics, Current Affairs, Technology, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Sports, Food & Drink, Music, Health & Fitness, Medical, Paranormal, Media Training, Investigative Reporting, Research, Risk Analysis, Social, Cultural, Training, Breaking News, Climate Change 27 Apr 2021

    Covid-19 has been the worst public health crisis the world has seen in 102 years. Zimbabwe is on a tight lockdown imposed in early January which have affected the informal business operations. Since April 2020, local authorities in Zimbabwe’s major cities demolished thousands of illegally built... Read more

  • Photo of Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
    Juan Pablo Torrents-Faura
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    Surviving Covid

    Barcelona, Spain Investigative Reporting 29 Apr 2021

    Twelve months after the start of the state of alarm due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many professional fields have been seriously affected. But what has been the real impact on the different press groups in Catalonia? An approximation to three of these entities allows us to capture the existing scope... Read more

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    Scovian Lillian
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    Social change impact, a pre-requisite for Universities worldwide

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 30 Apr 2021

    The global pandemic has seen various key players spring up to action to provide services to save populations from the deadly virus. Civil organizations, the medical fraternity, religious bodies, donors, and researchers among many others have continuously united to show humanity and social change.... Read more

  • Photo of Garries Wamundila
    Garries Wamundila
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    Zambia’s President Aides lung cancer patient after her bedridden pictures went viral on social media

    Lusaka, Zambia Health & Fitness 30 Apr 2021

    Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has pledged to meet all the medical requirements for a female youth based in the country’s Kabwe town who is battling lung cancer. President Lungu responded to the need after pictures in bedridden state of Chama Musonda who needs about K60,000 ($2,800) for... Read more

  • Danish island set to return kids to schools, get haircuts amid relxation of Covid restrictions

    Allinge, Denmark Current Affairs, Breaking News 30 Apr 2021

    On 1 March, Denmark will be relaxing some of its Covid restrictions. The restrictions will be eased most on the island of Bornholm (where I live). Here, schools will again be open for all students, hairdressers will be allowed to re-open and people will be allowed to gather in groups of 10... Read more

  • In Myanmar, people protest against military coup with tattoos

    Yangon, Burma Politics, Research, Social, Breaking News 30 Apr 2021

    Hello, I am i touch with some tattoo artists from Yangon. They have been saying that there are many young people getting tattoos of thispring revolution in Myanmar. I think it is a cool story. I can interview a tattoo artist and someone who is getting the tattoo about the revolution. And, get... Read more

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    Hafida BENYACOUB
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    Covid19: The way to stop pandemic, vaccine and?

    Brussels, Belgium Medical 30 Apr 2021

    Since 2020, medical research made effort to stop pandemic. The various vaccines made in a fast time let most of European countries go to an international race. Efficient as possible as vaccine, people keep getting doze medical support first and elders. Lockdown will give the possibility to spend a... Read more

  • The show must go on: survival of Rambo Circus in India

    Mumbai, India Entertainment & Celebrity 30 Apr 2021

    Video story pitch: The show must go on: survival of Rambo Circus in India Summary: When the coronavirus induced lockdown was imposed in march this year, 52yr old Biju Nair, the head of clown of India’s famous Rambo circus along with 100 artists forced to close their tents and left circus for... Read more

  • Photo of Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
    Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen
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    Excessive Use of Antibiotics in Poultry industry in Ghana

    Kumasi, Ghana Science & Environment 30 Apr 2021

    It is a story about how poultry farmers use antibiotics excessively or inappropriately in Ghana. More than 60 percent of poultry farmers give antibiotics to DOCs and most farmers use antibiotics when animals are not sick. More 60 percent of farmers who are knowledgeable in biosecurity do not... Read more

  • Photo of Muheet Ul Islam
    Muheet Ul Islam
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    How Gunfights Turn People Homeless In India-administered Kashmir

    Srinagar, War Reporter 30 Apr 2021

    Dear Editor, I hope my text finds you well. I want to file a detailed story for your organization from Indian administered Kashmir. The story is about property that gests destroyed during gunfights between militants and Indian armed forces. In one of the cases, last month, a catastrophic scene was... Read more

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    Muheet Ul Islam
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    Digging Soft Earth For Almost A Year- Father's Search For Missing Army Man In Indian-Admistered Kashmir

    Srinagar, Politics 30 Apr 2021

    Dear Editor I hope my email finds you well. I have a story for your organization from the Indian administered Kashmir. The story is about a man, Manzoor Ahmad Wagay, who from the last eight months is digging soft earth in south Kashmir to know the whereabouts of his son who was kidnapped by... Read more

  • If you want to start an online business and work from home - this is for you!

    Ahmedabad, India Training 30 Apr 2021

    Want to Start Profitable E-Commerce Business? A complete step by step private digital marketing training and handholding support by Gautam Kalal Digital Marketing Consultant Join 7 Days E-Commerce Mentorship Book An Appointment for Zoom Call Discuss digital marketing strategies for your... Read more

  • The Companion

    Nairobi, Kenya Sports 30 Apr 2021

    Maybe the sport was the only thing that was working in their life. Maybe the days they showed up for matches and training were the only days they got to interact. How about their coach? Maybe that was the only person who believed in them. They were the only person who saw potential in them. The only... Read more

  • The scramble for COVID 19 Vaccines in Africa

    Kampala, Uganda Current Affairs 30 Apr 2021

    As the global covid 19 vaccine supply gap deepens, Africa is determined to find ways of manufacturing their own vaccines to bridge the gap and stop waiting for donations that arrive in very limited dozes for their populations. On April 21st, African leaders will hold a virtual conference to discuss... Read more

  • War damage to farmers

    Tripoli, Libya Politics, War Reporter, Risk Analysis 30 Apr 2021

    After nearly a year has passed since the war that took place south of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, farmers are still trying to reclaim their farms that were damaged by the war and the theft of their equipment. Where the estimated area of ​​agricultural land damaged by the war and its repercussions,... Read more

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    Lawrence Tichaona Mangenje
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    Men suffering in silence due to how society perceives gender-based violelnce

    Harare, Zimbabwe Social 30 Apr 2021

    In Zimbabwe, if not Africa at large, gender-based violence is perceived as wrongdoing which only victimizes women. Women are portrayed as the only wounded. However, recent research has shown that men also bear emotional scars emanating from the abuse by women and such stories are not told because... Read more

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    Scovian Lillian
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    Was Maraga Kenya’s finest Chief Justice?

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 30 Apr 2021

    Kenya’s Chief Justice David Maraga is set to retire in Mid-January next year, but he has however announced that he would be going on leave as of 11th December. Maraga, the second Chief Justice to Kenya under the new constitution took over from retired Chief Justice Willy Mutunga in 2016. Unlike... Read more

  • World War II Bunker turns into music centre for musicians of this French town

    Bayeux, France Travel 30 Apr 2021

    This is a story of how a quaint little town of Bayeux, France turned a World War II hospital for German soldiers, built during the Normandy invasion of France, in 1944, into a place for musicians to rehearse. Some years ago, the musicians of the city needed a place to practice, and the city of... Read more

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    Anand Tumurtogoo
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    Mongolia Lost the Battle with COVID-19, now the country charges the first COVID-19 whistleblower for libel

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Politics, Current Affairs, Social 10 May 2021

    A Mongolian whistleblower has been charged with leaking state secrets to the public since exposing the government's negligence in handling COVID-19 patients, culminating in the country's first communal epidemic. Munkhbat was quarantined at a dingy a resort for 21 days after waiting more than ten... Read more

  • George Floyd / Derek Chauvin trial verdict - Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, United States of America Breaking News 31 May 2021

    The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, currently going on in Minneapolis, is expected sometime around the end of April / beginning of May and it will be huge; the shocking death of a Black man under a white policeman's knee, caught on cellphone video, triggered world-wide demonstrations, left... Read more

  • Black resistance to the vaccine in America

    Chicago, United States of America Current Affairs 01 Jun 2021

    Louis Farrakhan, head of Chicago-based Nation of Islam, is calling the newly-produced COVID vaccine "toxic waste". Polls show Black Americans are much more hesitant to take it -- and concern is understandable: the notorious "Tuskegee Experiment", which ran from 1932 to 1972, still looms large for... Read more

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    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    Farm-fresh to go: Roadside self-serve huts help Bavarian farmers and consumers get through COVID

    Munich, Germany Business 30 Jun 2021

    Who wants to go to a supermarket when you can buy fresh from a farm, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week while benefiting the local economy and the environment? First the Eierhäusl and Millihäusl (“egg huts” and “milk huts,” in down-home Bavarian dialect) − standing temptingly at roadsides and... Read more

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