• Photo of Wandiswa Ntengento
    Wandiswa Ntengento
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    Johannesburg, South Africa Politics 27 Sep 2023

    I am a Senior Reporter based in South Africa with over 10 years experience in journalism. I’ve worked as a journalist in over 15 African countries,the US and India for BBC World News. I’ve written for international news agencies such Agence France-Presse (AFP). I freelance as TV reporter and web... Read more

  • COP28 Coverage

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Climate Change 29 Sep 2023

    COP28 will be held in the United Arab Emirates, the first occasion a major oil producer has hosted the conference. I am based in Dubai, UAE and available for on-the-ground coverage in the run-up to and during the meeting. Read more

  • Photo of Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
    Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
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    Nairobi, Kenya Climate Change 30 Sep 2023

    A campaign to allow access to Lake Victoria waters to enable irrigation, construction of dams and mitigate floods in East Africa countries has began. A lobby group in Kenya has presented a petition to parliament to revoke the 1929 Nile treaty to allow countries in East Africa unfettered access. The... Read more

  • Photo of Al Katanty Sabiti Djaffar
    Al Katanty Sabiti Djaffar
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    Goma, Congo The Democratic Republic Politics, Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social 30 Sep 2023

    The war between the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) and the M23 rebels has pushed several thousand people to abandon their villages to come to Goma fleeing the war. The Congolese Tutsi community is sometimes indexed by members of other ethnic groups, because the M23 is a rebellion with a Tutsi... Read more

  • Photo of Al Katanty Sabiti Djaffar
    Al Katanty Sabiti Djaffar
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    Goma, Congo The Democratic Republic Politics, Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social 30 Sep 2023

    La guerre entre les Forces armées de la RDC (FARDC) et les rebelles du M23 a poussé plusieurs milliers de personnes à abandonner leurs villages pour venir à Goma fuyant la guerre. La communauté tutsie congolaise est parfois répertoriée par des membres d'autres groupes ethniques, car le M23 est une... Read more

  • Phil Rosenthal -- Profile

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong Entertainment & Celebrity 30 Sep 2023

    Just interviewed Phil Rosenthal, host of the Netflix series "Somebody Feed Phil". Can write a feature to fit any global publication's brief... Read more

  • Photo of Evelyn Dan Epelle
    Evelyn Dan Epelle
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    Importance of Citizens Participation in Governance

    Abuja, Nigeria Politics, Research, Social 30 Sep 2023

    Citizens’ Participation in Governance (CPG) refers to the active involvement of citizens in the decision-making process and implementation of policies and programs that affect their lives and the overall development of their society. It involves citizens exercising their rights, duties, and... Read more

  • Photo of Leandro Lutzky
    Leandro Lutzky
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    La fiesta de disfraces más importante de Latinoamérica

    Paraná, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina Cultural 01 Oct 2023

    La Fiesta de Disfraces de Paraná congregará el 7 de octubre a unas 50.000 personas (mayores de 18 años), en un predio de diez hectáreas que cuenta con varios escenarios y diferentes estilos musicales. Una vez al año, personas de Argentina y distintos países viajan para este evento multitudinario,... Read more

  • Photo of Johan Verheyden
    Johan Verheyden
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    Migrants between life and death in Tunisia-Libya desert

    Tunisia Politics 08 Oct 2023

    Human Rights Watch said up to 1,200 black Africans were "expelled, or forcibly transferred by Tunisian security forces" in July to the country's desert border regions with Libya and Algeria. In mid-July, the Tunisian Red Crescent said it had provided shelter to at least 630 migrants who had been... Read more

  • Photo of Muhammad Rizqi Nurmizan
    Muhammad Rizqi Nurmizan
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    South Sumatra, Indonesia Under the Threat of Land Fires and El Nino

    Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Breaking News, Climate Change 15 Oct 2023

    Land fires have hit South Sumatra, Indonesia, as the dry season has begun. This condition is exacerbated by warming sea surface temperatures, El Nino. This makes the weather drier and the land more vulnerable to fire. Fires also hit peatlands, land with special characteristics that are highly... Read more

  • Photo of Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
    Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
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    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 30 Oct 2023

    Agitation to outlaw homosexual relations in Kenya have began with the Republican Liberty party presenting their draft bill to Kenyas parliament. The party presented the bill as a petition to the National Assembly and is currently engaged in efforts to lobby for its support. This comes months after... Read more

  • COP28 Coverage

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Breaking News 31 Oct 2023

    I am a photojournalist living in Dubai. I am ready to cover COP28 in terms of photos and video as well. Read more

  • Photo of Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
    Nelly Moraa Nyangorora
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    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 31 Oct 2023

    Kenya human rights group have began attempts to recognise intersex persons through legislation. The rights group have petitioned parliaments justice committee to introduce the draft bill in parliament to start the process of recognition. Kenya has about 3 percent of its population in these group... Read more

  • Photo of Martin C. Arostegui
    Martin C. Arostegui
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    In Odessa, Ukraine

    Odesa, Ukraine Breaking News 31 Oct 2023

    International journalist and seasoned war correspondent Martin Arostegui is covering the Ukraine war from the port of Odessa which is currently the target of a massive Russian missile and drone attacks. Has been in the area for a month and expects to remain through October and possibly longer. Read more

  • Navigating El Niño's Impact: Harnessing Rainwater for Sustainability in Kenya's Arid Regions

    Kajiado, Kenya Technology, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Climate Change 30 Nov 2023

    The United Nations issued a warning on Tuesday, urging global preparations for the ongoing El Niño weather phenomenon, which is expected to continue throughout 2023, leading to higher global temperatures. El Niño is a natural climate pattern associated with elevated worldwide temperatures, droughts... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    An appetite for Dead Grandma

    Munich, Germany Food & Drink 30 Nov 2023

    Here's a quirky "recipe with a story" idea that would surely be an eye-catcher and tell your readers about a part of the world they probably don't think about much: former East Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The dish "Tote Oma" also evokes that place during a very special time in... Read more

  • Utamaduni wa Jamii ya Iteso Afrika Mashariki wanaoaminika kufukua wafu wao baada ya kuwazika kwa kipidni fulani,

    Eldoret, Kenya Cultural 01 Dec 2023 Swahili Radio Documentary; Jamii ya Iteso kutoka mataifa ya Afrika Mashariki na haswa taifa la Kenya na Uganda wanaaminika kuwa na ukwasi wa mila na taamduni za jadi. Jamii hii ambao walitoka taifa la ... Read more

  • مؤتمر الأطراف COP28 الذي يُعقد في مدينة إكسبو دبي في نوفمبر 2023.

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Climate Change 14 Dec 2023

    ستستضيف دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة COP28 ، للمرة الأولى منذ بداية انعقادها , يستضيف فيها منتج نفط رئيسي الحدث. سيكون الاجتماع فرصة فريدة للنظر في صحة التزام اقتصادات المنطقة القائمة على الهيدروكربونات بخفض انبعاثات الكربون. متى تستضيف الامارات COP28؟ ينعقد مؤتمر الأطراف COP28 في الفترة من... Read more

  • Photo of Joseph Maramba
    Joseph Maramba
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    South Africa is a haven for Transgender men and women but it seldom turns out the way they imagine.

    Johannesburg, South Africa Investigative Reporting 16 Dec 2023

    Transgender women who have escaped the scrutiny and problems associated with their orientation find themselves in South Africa hoping to create a new life for themselves. Still they fight for acceptance and recognition and find it hard to get a name change that could allow the to gain meaningful... Read more

  • Photo of Yosief Abraham Z.
    Yosief Abraham Z.
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    China's Puzzles, US Equations and Taiwan' s Calculations: Result?

    London, Britain Current Affairs 29 Dec 2023

    History is now witnessing reversed historical landscapes. Back in May 1949, Taiwan was under a Martial law that was declared by the new relocated central government. Back then, the US government had an eroded interest on the effects of the repressing law and it's aggressive impacts. Reversely,... Read more

  • Photo of Yosief Abraham Z.
    Yosief Abraham Z.
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    Kuwait City: A Confluence of Amusements and Legacies

    London, Britain Travel 29 Dec 2023

    With its legacies that engulf visitors to its foundation in 1613, the smell of history is there soothing you with its first inhabitants who had to deal with the artistry of fishing and selling pearls. Sat at the city's modern boulevards is a time to unfold it's past legacies in linking major trade... Read more

  • Sustainable Fashion

    Nairobi, Kenya Climate Change 29 Dec 2023

    This is an article about sustainable fashion and how it benefits the environment. I chronicle a sustainable fashion designer and her company as she tells us more about the strides she has made and what it takes to come up with clothes made from sustainable materials. She also tells us how... Read more

  • الولايات المتحدة تخطط لاستخدام قانون مكافحة المافيا في تحقيقات معاملات البورصة من طرف الشركات المستخدمة لهذا الغرض

    Oakville, Canada Risk Analysis 31 Dec 2023

    الولايات المتحدة تخطط لإستخدام قانون مكافحة المافيا في تحقيقات معاملات البورصة من طرف الشركات المستخدمة لهذا الغرض وسائل إعلام مضللة قد تساعد التشريعات المستخدمة عادة في قضايا الرشوة وغسيل الأموال والإتجار بالمخدرات في كبح جماح البائعين على المكشوف يمكن للمدعين العامين الأمريكيين إستخدام... Read more

  • أقوى قرار إصلاحي تتخذه مؤسسة الأزهر

    Oakville, Canada Breaking News 31 Dec 2023

    أقوى قرار إصلاحي تتخذه مؤسسة الأزهر في عهد المفتي المعتدل، ومع قيادة نزيهة في عهد فخامة الرئيس السيد عبد الفتاح السيسي، حفظ الله مصر شعب مصر وكوادر مصر بكل ما لديهم من خبرات سياسية وإجتماعية يبعدون الخطاب الديني المتشدد عن حياة الشعب االيومية، لأن بعض المدعين للفهم الديني يجندون قنوات الإعلام... Read more

  • Canada annonce la première vague de sanctions contre la Russie

    Oakville, Canada Current Affairs 31 Dec 2023

    Mélanie Joly, ministre des Affaires étrangères : « Tout comme la Russie s'est préparée pour cette journée, nous aussi » « Les provocations effrontées de la Russie sont une menace pour la sécurité et la paix dans le monde », a déclaré le premier ministre Justin Trudeau OTTAWA - Le premier... Read more

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