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    Dead Bodies Piling Up in Morgues in Ghana.

    Tamale, Ghana Health & Fitness 09 Jun 2020

    Dead bodies have begun piling up in Ghana's morgues including the Pantang Hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching, and the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital morgues in the Greater Accra and Ashanti regions of Ghana. The leadership of the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana has said dead bodies are now "made... Read more

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    Zubaida Ismail
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    Covid-19: Ghana Government Evacuates Stranded Ghanaians

    Tamale, Ghana Current Affairs 09 Jun 2020

    The Government of Ghana is from today May 23 evacuating its citizens stranded in foreign countries back to Ghana. The evacuation starts with some 245 Ghanaians who are illegally living in Kuwait. Ghana government granted a special request to the Government of Kuwait to deport these... Read more

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    Abdulkadir Zubeyr Haji Hassan
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    water shortage in Somalia IDPs camp while health workers advice to exercise hand washing

    Mogadishu, Somalia Science & Environment 10 Jun 2020

    Since Covid-19 cases found in Mogadishu-Somalia, there were advices and promotions about how to prevent Coronavirus. hand washing is one of those advices. However there are more than thousands of IDPs those can not get enough water to wash their hands constantly. Read more

  • Despite Lockdown for Corona Virus with Countries Bordering South Sudan, still people sneak inside SSD

    Aweil, South Sudan Health & Fitness 10 Jun 2020

    Since South Sudan closed down its borders with neighboring countries, still there are unrestricted movements of goods and people between Sudan and South Sudan. Corona virus cases in the country are over 1000 in the country and 8 deaths. 10 states of South Sudan lack testing facilities.NBG- Aweil... Read more

  • Photo of Aimable Twahirwa
    Aimable Twahirwa
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    Robots connect doctors with patients and reduce risk of contamination amid COVID-19 outbreak

    Kigali, Rwanda Technology, Medical 10 Jun 2020

    The five robots introduced last month at Kanyinya Health Centre, one of the Centres that accommodate Covid-19 patients in Rwanda have the software capable of telecommunicating from a distance, allowing doctors to minimize their risk of infection with the deadly virus The smart mobile robots also... Read more

  • Photo of Marguerite Arnold
    Marguerite Arnold
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    Could Trump Win A Second Term By Pretending To Be "Pro Pot?"

    Frankfurt, Germany Politics, Current Affairs 12 Jun 2020

    Trump has now shifted into campaign mode, and is attacking Joe Biden on his cannabis policies (which are appalling). Could Trump win disaffected voters if not the industry who believe him? Read more

  • George Floyd Demonstration material available

    Chicago, United States of America Breaking News 12 Jun 2020

    B-roll, sound, and stills available from a George Floyd demonstration in the Chicago area this weekend Please contact me at if interested. Read more

  • Available to report on George Floyd Protests

    Chicago, United States of America Breaking News 14 Jun 2020

    I'm available to report on the fallout and protests happening across the U.S. after George Floyd's death. Kulsoom Khan 765-506-7640 Read more

  • Company born out of Lockdown

    London, United Kingdom Business 16 Jun 2020

    With Lockdown reshaping ways of both retail and working for good, and several businesses have been set up under lockdown, which one way or another may be here to stay. What? The focus of the piece is Lockdown Gardener, was set up in response to the garden centres being forced to close and many... Read more

  • Photo of Emmanuel NKANGURA
    Emmanuel NKANGURA
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    Silkworm farming is becoming a goldmine to rural Rwandan Women

    Kigali, Rwanda Business 18 Jun 2020

    Mukamusoni is smilling as she counts money from her monthly payment from the sales of silkworm cocoons,she rears silkworms and feeds them mulberry leaves. her life has changed as she has built a house managed to send her older son to university from the income she gets from the produce of these... Read more

  • A time to read and learn, no matter the subject

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Medical 18 Jun 2020

    Lately to unwind I’ve been reading about the Black Death. Boy, was the 14th century rough. If you think 2020 is dreary and tragic (which it is), then get a load of 1347. Worst. Year. Ever. Followed closely by 1348, 1349 and 1350. The Black Death – an outbreak of bubonic, pneumonic and... Read more

  • Photo of Timothy Gachanga
    Timothy Gachanga
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    A mobile app offers solution to climate change and unemployment in Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Technology 18 Jun 2020

    Plastic pollution has become a major environmental concern in the world today. This is because the production of plastics has far outstripped the ability to manage the waste. A young entrepreneur in Kenya has developed a mobile app that is offering a solution to this menace. He is also creating... Read more

  • Reporting from Spain

    Barcelona, Spain Current Affairs 20 Jun 2020

    Hello, I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona available to report on coronavirus or other topics for international media. If would like to pitch here some story ideas in case you are interested. Thanks!! -Manufacturing coffins against the clock Catalan coffin factories are multiplying... Read more

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    Zubaida Ismail
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    Kumasi, Ghana Cultural 20 Jun 2020

    Funerals are sacred among all the major ethnic groups in Ghana with some level of reverence accosted to the dead. Most families after observing a “compulsory one week celebration” of a deceased usually schedule the final funeral rites for at least one month to allow adequate preparation for the... Read more

  • Photo series: the Belgian statues of king Leopold II

    Brussel, Belgium Politics, Current Affairs, Research, Social, Breaking News 20 Jun 2020

    From 1908 till 1960, Congo was a colony ruled by the Belgian King Leopold II. The king oppressed the people in the Congolese colonies and killed almost 3 million of them. Still, until this day, several Belgian cities have a statue of Leopold II. Since this week, an online petition, organised by... Read more


    Mt Elgon Forest, Kenya Science & Environment 26 Jun 2020

    The east African region is at a great risk of phasing an acute food shortage in the next 10-15 years. This has largely been contributed to by the migration of bees from Kenya: Uganda and Tanzania to tropical forests as a result of heavy chemical use on farms. Bees are the chief agents of pollination... Read more

  • Clinical trial coronavirus Spain

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    Good afternoon, I am a freelance journalist based in Barcelona. Considering the current situation in Spain in reference to the coronavirus, I wanted to send you a proposal in case you are interested (you can see some samples of my work in my website: The report... Read more

  • How are the most vulnerable people in society living coronavirus outbreak? An old nun story

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    A noon activist reflecting her life and work in the midst of coronavirus epidemy Summary Mari Pau Trayner Vilanova is a noon, 84 years old, who fights actively for the rights of the noons inside the Church. In fact, she devoted her life to struggle for a change inside the Church. Although her... Read more

  • A Bandana And A Prayer: Stories From Workers Braving COVID-19 in Dakar

    Dakar, Senegal Science & Environment, Medical, Social, Cultural, Breaking News, Travel 30 Jun 2020

    A curfew and social distancing have taken the African city that never sleeps by storm. The roads are empty by 7 and the local markets are like ghost towns. Meet the men and women braving the virus to try to keep a roof over their children's heads. A taxi driver, a fish seller, and an Imam tell their... Read more

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    Zubaida Ismail
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    How Covid19 Is Impacting In Ghana

    Tamale, Ghana Current Affairs 30 Jun 2020

    The impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being felt in every facet of life. Jobs, relationships and education are all feeling the pressure from a pandemic that is ravaging every corner of the globe. In Ghana. the situation is not different. All education institutions have been closed,... Read more

  • Photo of Eva-Lotta Jansson
    Eva-Lotta Jansson
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    Lockdown/Covid-19, Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town, South Africa Current Affairs, Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    Available for #lockdown pictures and video (self-shooting director) news/features around Cape Town, South Africa. Read more

  • Coronavirus topics from Spain

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    Good afternoon, I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona and I would like to send you some story ideas to see if you would be interested. For further information about my previous work, my website is In case you are interested in some idea, we can talk more about... Read more

  • Stories from Spain about vulnerability during coronavirus pandemic

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    -Long queue before the Santa Anna parish in Barcelona to receive food The temple works year-round as a 'Campaign Hospital' and shelter for the homeless. It also distributes food and cleaning products, as it has been doing for the past three and a half years. In addition to guaranteeing two meals a... Read more

  • Photo of Zubaida Ismail
    Zubaida Ismail
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    Ghana Covid19 Fallout

    Tamale, Ghana Health & Fitness, Investigative Reporting 30 Jun 2020

    Ghana has conducted some sixty eight thousand, five hundred and ninety one test on samples received across the country for the novel Coronavirus since the virus was first recorded in the country in late March, the aggressive testing shot Ghana’s case count from one hundred and fifty two on March 30,... Read more

  • Photo of Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
    Jackie Guigui-Stolberg
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    What the World Kneads Now: The International Diploma in German Bread Baking

    München, Germany Food & Drink 30 Jun 2020

    Imagine the springy warmth of a yeast dough, steaming-fresh from the oven, or the crunchy crust of a whole-wheat sour-dough bread bristling with toasted sunflower seeds, or the delicate, buttery flakes of a fine puff-pastry twist. Or an enormous pretzel worthy of the Oktoberfest, studded with salt... Read more

  • de-escalation process from spain, one of the most affected countries by covid-19 in the world

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    -Tijana Postic, from surviving the Bosnian war to be the nursing head at Igualada hospital. She arrived in Igualada (Spain) almost 30 years ago, fleeing Sarajevo, and today faces the Covid-19 in the city that has suffered the most from the impact of the pandemic. Despite the chaos of these first... Read more

  • Photo of Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
    Sinan Salaheddin Mahmoud
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    Is Iraq losing the fight against COVID-19?

    Baghdad, Iraq Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Medical, Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    Until late April Iraq was among few countries in the region that showed some progress in containing the spread of Coronavirus, but the curve started to go up when authorities decided to ease restrictions amid public pressure, pushing the daily average of confirmed cases from less than 100 to... Read more

  • Do Black Lives Matter in Brazil?

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Breaking News 30 Jun 2020

    Sunday 7th Rio De Janeiro joins the worldwide protest against police violence. Black Lives Matter gives black Brazilians a powerful voice after decades living in fear of what many call a policy of black genocide in Brazil. In April police shot dead 177 in operations against Rio criminals. A 43%... Read more

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    Mohammad Zubair khan
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    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great.

    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Natural Disasters 01 Jul 2020

    Scarified for the Kalash tribes, lost sons of Alexander the great. Kalash tribes are known as lost sons of Alexander, famous for the unique culture and... Read more

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    Surviving the coronavirus: migrant populations

    Mexico City, Mexico Investigative Reporting 01 Jul 2020

    Mexico has one of the biggest migrant corridors in the world. Despite the closure of borders, the migration institute is collecting migrants from camps in the north of Mexico and bussing them to the south. Those held in detention centers are rioting and demanding to be deported. CV19 has caused... Read more

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