The status of the EU students in UK universities after Brexit

London, United Kingdom Current Affairs March 16 @ 10:35pm

European students pay the same tuition fees as UK students to UK high education institutions which are 50% lower than international student fees. But what will happen after the UK-EU divorce? Will EU students continue to have these privileges?
Based on an initial research, many EU students express reluctance to come to the UK to study if rules will change. Officials from UK universities are getting prepared for these changes, to apply same rules for EU and non-EU students, including tier 4 visa, which at the moment is applied only to international students.
According to figures released by UCAS (University and Colleges Admission Services), there are now 26,800 EU students placed at UK universities. The UK government has said that many of these questions will be defined in the UK’s future relationship with the EU.
End of March is set as a final date when the UK parliament will vote to trigger the article 50, afterward, the UK-EU divorce negotiations begin.
I will talk to EU and UK students, professors, UK University officials and UK governmental authorities.
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