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Breaking news: Priceless hoard of Celtic gold coins stolen from a German museum

Munich, Germany Current Affairs 24 Nov 2022

In the deep darkness of the wee hours on Tuesday, November 22, a band of thieves severed glass fiber telecommunication cables, disconnecting an entire community as well as the alarm system of a museum in Germany. They then smashed windows and showcases, and stole a priceless treasure of 486 Celtic coins dating from circa 100 AD. It happened in Manching in the southern German state of Bavaria, location of one of the most important Celtic excavation sites in Europe. Police and museum curators fear the worst: that the band of highly professional thieves has already melted down the treasure trove of 4 kilograms of gold. What is (was?) the significance of the two-thousand year-old coins that have quite possibly been lost forever? Is there a connection between this theft and two other spectacular art thefts in Germany in recent years? Which perpetrators do investigators suspect are behind this crime? And how can similar catastrophic thefts of art or ancient artifacts be prevented in the future? (Image courtesy of Chrisi1964, Wikimedia Commons)
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