Brazil´s Prez Boizo repeating Trump?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Breaking News July 1 @ 2:23am

Brazil and Bozo repeating the USA and Trump?

Brazil seems to be repeating-- only in Portuguese and in its unique variation—the epoch of the rise and downfall of ex-President Donald Trump. Only the name is a former army captain who military men said, “ was a bad, disobedient and offensive military man,” Jair Messias Bolsonaro.
Like the Trump era, the press is constantly disparaged. With Trump it was “the failing New York Times” and with Bozo it is “the trashy in O Globo media network.”
With Trump it was insults against individual working press members and with Bozo, particularly women reporters are told to “go back to school, or ” “shut up.“
Whenever an “inconvenient” question is asked by a reporter the President abruptly terminates speaking to the press.

What Tromp didn’t have was a Congressional Inquiry into why so many Americans were dying from Covid.
To his dismay, President Bozo has the “biggest reality show in Brazil” a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Covid deaths to confront every day.
The latest revelations include that a representative of Bozo´s Health Ministry demanded a what is common in Brazilian politics for concluding any deal : a bribe to favor a firm from bribable India .A dollar for every vaccine vaccine serum would put a few million dollars into someone´s pocket.

Note that Trump ´s Covid campaign was led by his son-in-law Jared Kushner –who seemed to be on expert on everything from the Middle East to health problems.
Although they have no Cabinet or official positions in their father´s federal government,Bozo´s sons better known as 01,02,03 were often involved in discussions—and negotiations?—for vaccines.
Bozo dispraages the Commission investigating the Covid scandal, claims “I have the armed forces behind me” and adds “only God will remove me from the Presidency.”
Will 6 January 2021 repeat itself in Brazilk on the steps of Brazil´s Congress?
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